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January 12, 2021

Claire Levy and Marta Loachamin join Board of County Commissioners at annual County Reorganization

Also, the Board presents their 2021 State of the County Address.

Claire Levy of Boulder and Marta Loachamin of Longmont were sworn into office today as the newest members of the Boulder County Board of Commissioners joining fellow commissioner Matt Jones (District 3) who was sworn into office in 2019.

They took their oaths of office with Chief Judge Ingrid Bakke (video) and officially began their duties serving Boulder County. You can view their swearing in, as well as some words from all three current board members in the full County Reorganization video.

Levy (District 1) and Loachamin (District 2) were elected in November 2020 and hold terms that run through January 2025. Their positions replace Boulder County Commissioners Elise Jones and Deb Gardner who were term-limited in 2020 (see County Commissioners’ District map).

Headshots of Claire Levy and Marta Loachamin, side by side

Claire Levy, left, and Marta Loachamin officially become Boulder County Commissioners

Reflections from the Boulder County Commissioners

I am pleased to welcome our two new county commissioners, Claire and Marta, to the Board, and I send my very best wishes to Deb and Elise and thank them for their nine and eight years of service as county commissioners. Looking ahead, I want to continue to focus on advancing the county's important work on many fronts, especially the environment and open space. We are in an existential crisis on climate change and we need act on wind and solar and get off fossil fuels as fast as we can.

Matt Jones - District 3, and 2021 Chair of the Board of County Commissioners

I ran for this office to increase access to affordable housing, fight climate change, and assure robust, equitable access to the public benefit programs that help families meet their basic needs. Boulder County is already taking bold, visionary action on these and many other important fronts. Local government is where people turn when they need housing, food assistance, or help with the cost of childcare. COVID-19 has put county residents at risk of eviction, food insecurity and permanent disability – a vivid reminder of how important local government is. I am thrilled to begin the important work of a county commissioner and to make progress on these priorities.

Claire Levy, Boulder County Commissioner - District 1

Being sworn in today as the first Boulder County Latina Commissioner is an immense honor. Thank you to the Boulder County voters for your trust and commitment to diversifying the experience and perspective of our local government. I look forward to working with Boulder County residents and county employees as we, the new board, learn the processes, support the legislative agenda, and move forward on actionable steps to meet the strategic priorities of Boulder County. In this position, I will continue my commitment of advocating for folks who have not been previously invited to the Commissioners' Hearing Room or into the local government system. And, as we move into 2021, I look forward to focusing on issues of primary importance to me, including: Housing - by opening more doors for community members; Climate action and sustainability - by working to include all members in our renewable energy efforts; and, creating an Equity Office at the county level to move our priority of equity across the entire system.

Marta Loachamin, Boulder County Commissioner - District 2, and 2021 Vice-Chair of the Board of County Commissioners

Boulder County Commissioners Claire Levy and Marta Loachamin are sworn into office by 20th Judicial District Chief Judge Ingrid Bakke

Claire Levy - District 1

Claire Levy being sworn into office in a virtual platform

Claire Levy (3rd row, lower image) being sworn into office on a virtual platform on Jan. 12, 2021

Learn more about Claire Levy - District 1 in her online bio.

Marta Loachamin - District 2

Marta Loachamin being sworn into office on a virtual platform on Jan. 12, 2021

Marta Loachamin (2nd row, far right) being sworn into office on a virtual platform on Jan. 12, 2021

Learn more about Marta Loachamin - District 2 in her online bio.

Board of County Commissioners Chair and Vice-Chair appointed

As part of the county’s Reorganization, the Board of County Commissioners selected Commissioner Matt Jones to serve as Chair and Commissioner Marta Loachamin to serve as Vice-Chair of the Board of County Commissioners for 2021. The chair and vice-chair roles generally rotate year-to-year.

Public hears 2021 State of the County Address

Also this morning, the county commissioners presented the annual State of the County Address (Powerpoint PDF) as part of the annual Boulder County Reorganization (video).

The State of the County reflects on the successes and challenges of the past year and looks ahead to the goals for 2021. The address was compiled from interviews of all Boulder County department heads and elected officials.

The Reorganization also included time for outgoing commissioners Deb Gardner and Elise Jones to recap highlights from their time in office and to address issues of personal importance to them.