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May 22, 2020

Boulder County Public Health Director gives COVID-19 update

Boulder County Public Health Director Gives COVID-19 Update

We're at a critical time. We must all work together.

Boulder County, CO – Today Boulder County Public Health Executive Director, Jeff Zayach, provided a video update on COVID-19 in Boulder County, and words of caution as Memorial weekend begins.

“I can’t stress enough that the responsibility to stop the spread of this disease is yours, mine, and everybody’s. It is up to each of us to meet the criteria that are necessary in this phase to be able to go back to having more social interactions, being able to open more of our critical infrastructure and businesses who are suffering so badly,” said Jeff Zayach, Boulder County Public Health executive director.

“We want people to take responsibility. The examples we saw this week with the Boulder Creek gatherings are exactly what we don’t want to do – that is not taking personal responsibility. That is putting our community at risk; our businesses at risk.”

“I appreciate each and every one of you for helping support us in moving forward in a positive way. Let’s keeping moving forward together.”

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