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February 5, 2020

Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for Feb. 19, 2020

Planning Commission public meeting begins at 1:30 p.m.

Boulder County, Colo. - The next meeting of the Boulder County Planning Commission will be Wed., February 19, beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Boulder County Courthouse, Commissioners' Hearing Room, 3rd Floor
1325 Pearl St., Boulder
Map & Directions

View the February 19 meeting agenda. Agenda items include:

Approval of minutes/miscellaneous business.

Staff update(s) on projects and/or development review items (if necessary). Informational item only, public testimony will not be taken.


  1. Adoption of Planning Commission Resolution PC-2020-01 (Docket BCCP-19-0003: BCCP Passive Recreation Definition Update to include E-Bikes)

    Action Requested: Adoption
    No public testimony will be taken.

  2. Adoption of Planning Commission Resolution PC-2020-02 (Dockets BCCP-18-0004 and BCCP-18-0005: Boulder County Comprehensive Plan - Housing and Economics Elements)
    On November 20, 2019 the Planning Commission adopted Resolution PC-2019-02 re: the Housing and Economic element of the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan. The subject resolution, PC-2020-02, corrects clerical errors in Resolution PC-2019-02 and supersedes and replaces it in its entirety.
    Action Requested: Adoption
    No public testimony will be taken.

  3. Authorization for the Planning Commission to go into executive session on March 2, 2020 at 3 p.m. with the County Attorney’s Office, pursuant to CRS 24-6-402(4)(b), to discuss legal issues related to update of the County’s oil and gas regulations (Docket DC-19-0002).

  4. Public Hearing: Docket V-19-0002: Ferncliff Vacation
    Request: Request to vacate the entirety of the Park Street platted right-of- way, the portion of right-of-way for County Road 149 contained within parcel #119725000008, and the portion of the Spangler Street platted right-of-way adjacent to parcel #119725004001.
    Location: Parcel #s 119725000002, 119725000007, 119725000008,
    119725004001, 119725006001, 119725006002, on the east and west sides of State Highway 7 Business Route, approximately 0.5 mile northwest from its southern intersection with State Highway 7, Section 25, Township 3N, Range 73W.
    Zoning: Forestry
    Applicant: Danielle Lynn
    Property Owners: Donald R. and Eileen L. Kvols, c/o Kenneth K. Kvols
    Action Requested: Recommendation to BOCC
    Staff Planner: Jean (Raini) Ott
    Public testimony will be taken.

  5. Public Hearing: Docket LE-19-0002 Town of Erie's Zone 3 Waterline Improvement Phase 2
    Request: Location and Extent review for a 24" transmission waterline and public trail.
    Location: At Parcel ID 146525000006 on the northeast corner of Arapahoe Road and North 119th Street, in Section 25, Township 1N, Range 69W.
    Zoning: Agricultural (A) Zoning District
    Applicant: Wendi Palmer, Town of Erie
    Property Owner: Boulder County Parks & Open Space
    Agent: JR Engineering LLC
    Action Requested: Decision
    Staff Planner: Lucas Buscher
    Public testimony will be taken.

  6. Public Hearing: Docket SU-18-0020 Gold Lake Ventures LLC
    Request: Special Use Review and Site Specific Development Plan to modify specifics related to approved special events, construct new structures, remodel historic structures, and deconstruct existing structures on an approximately 90-acre parcel, located at 3371 Gold Lake Road.
    Location: 3371 Gold Lake Road, on the north and south side of Gold Lake Road, approximately 2.60 miles from its intersection with CR 100, in Section 33, Township 2N, Range 72W.
    Zoning: Forestry (F)
    Applicant/Property Owner: Gold Lake Ventures LLC
    Agents: Bob Dalton, Colorado Landmark Realtors and Jim Scott, New Beginning Builders
    Action Requested: Recommendation to BOCC
    Staff Planner: Summer Frederick
    Public testimony will be taken.

  7. Public Hearing: Docket BCCP-20-0001 Geologic Hazard Mapping-Related Amendments
    In 2017 the county updated its geologic hazard mapping with post-flood grant funding. The updated mapping draws on best available data and methods to provide much more robust and granular geologic hazard data than was previously available. Staff presented Planning Commission (PC) with an update on the new mapping in March, 2018. With the support of PC and Board of County Commissioners staff requested quality control and peer review feedback from the Colorado Geologic Survey (CGS), with plans to ultimately seek BCCP adoption of revised mapping to replace the BCCP’s current Geologic Hazard and Constraint Areas Map. The county’s consultant executed minor map revisions based on CGS feedback. Staff requests approval of the new geologic hazard map, as well as minor revisions to the BCCP Geology element to appropriately reference the updated geologic hazard mapping.
    Action Requested: Decision
    Staff Planner: Chad Endicott
    Public testimony will be taken.

  8. Public Hearing: Docket BCCP-20-0002 BCCP Document Template Conversion-Related Amendments
    The Community Planning & Permitting Department has converted the BCCP document to a new design to update the look and feel of the document and provide design consistency. Along with the graphics refresh, amendments to the document Introduction and overall organization are proposed.
    Action Requested: Decision
    Staff Planner: Molly Marcucilli
    Public testimony will be taken.

Staff recommendations will be posted to the docket webpages on February 12.

The meeting will be livestreamed via the Boulder County Open Meeting Portal. Current and recent Planning Commission agendas, minutes, and archived video recordings are available on the Planning Commission webpage.