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August 10, 2022

Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for August 17, 2022

Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at 1:30 p.m.

Boulder County, Colo. - The next meeting of the Boulder County Planning Commission will be Wednesday, August 17, 2022, beginning at 1:30 p.m. View the meeting agenda.

Due to High COVID-19 Community Level, Planning Commission meetings are being held virtually.

Watch the Meeting
Meetings are streamed live through the county's new eSCRIBE platform. The video will display on the agenda page as soon as the meeting begins. View livestream starting at 1:30 p.m. on August 17 , 2022.

Register to Participate
Only those who intend to provide public comment during the meeting need to register to attend via Zoom. Register to attend. Call 303-441-3930 or email for more information.

Agenda items include:

  1. Docket SU-22-0005: Drogsvold Vacation Rental
    Request: Special Review request for a Vacation Rental of 244 nights for up to 4 guests with a minimum stay of 2 nights on a 2.83-acre parcel.
    Location: 46877 Peak to Peak Highway, located approximately 1,820 feet north of the intersection of County Road 103 and State Highway 72 on Section 29, Township 2N, Range 72W
    Zoning: Forestry (F) Zoning District
    Applicants/Property Owners: Bruce & Susanna Drogsvold
    Staff Planner: Ian Brighton
    Website: https://boco.org/SU-22-0005. View the staff recommendation packet.
    Action Requested: Recommendation to BOCC
    Public testimony will be taken.

  2. Docket V-22-0001: Maedke Vacation
    Request: Request to vacate an undeveloped alley right-of-way in the Gold Hill Historic District
    Location: Alley between 410 Boulder Street (Parcel no. 145912010001) to the south and 412 Boulder Street Parcel no. 145912002007) and 0 Main Street (Parcel no. 145912002003) to the north, approximately 3.8 miles west of the intersection of Four Mile Canyon Drive and Gold Run Road, in Section 12, T1N, R72W.
    Zoning: Historic (H) Zoning District
    Applicant/Property Owner: Christine Maedke
    Staff Planner: Pete L'Orange
    Website: www.boco.org/V-22-0001-SE-22-0004. View the staff recommendation packet.
    Action Requested: Recommendation to BOCC
    Public testimony will be taken.

  3. Docket SU-22-0004: Pivot Energy Solar Facility
    Request: Special Use Review to construct a 5 megawatt 24-acre solar energy facility on a 36-acre parcel
    Location: 5980 N. 79th Street, approximately .25 miles south of the intersection of N. 79th Street and State Highway 52, in Section 6, Township 1N, Range 69W.
    Zoning: Agricultural (A) Zoning District
    Applicant: Kyle Sundman, Pivot Energy
    Property Owner: Charles Rodgers
    Staff Planner: Sam Walker
    Website: www.boco.org/SU-22-0004. View the staff recommendation packet.
    Action Requested: Recommendation to BOCC
    Public testimony will be taken.

  4. Docket SU-22-0003: CEMEX Dowe Flats Mining and Reclamation Extension
    NOTE: The ESTIMATED start time of this public hearing item is approximately 4 p.m. The actual start time is dependent on the time needed to conduct the three previous public hearing items.
    Request: Special Use/Site Specific Development Plan review to amend an existing Special Use approval (SU-93-14) for limestone/shale open mining/quarrying located at the Dowe Flats Quarry, extending approved mining activities for an additional 15 years; the original permit area of 1,911 acres to be reduced to 709 acres; the concluding of cement plant operations at the facility located south of Highway 66 within the same 15-year timeframe; with concurrent reclamation of wildlife habitat.
    Location: 13301 55th Street, Parcel #120316000050, located approximately 0.5 mile north of the intersection of N. 53rd Street and state Highway 66, in Sections 9, 10, 15, and 16, Township 3N, Range 70W.
    Zoning: Agricultural (A) Zoning District
    Applicant/Property Owner: John Heffernan, CEMEX, Inc.
    Agent: Pam Hora, Tetra Tech, Inc.
    Cosigned by: Boulder County Parks & Open Space
    Staff Planner: Pete L'Orange
    Website: www.boco.org/SU-22-0003. View the staff recommendation packet.
    Action Requested: Recommendation to BOCC
    Public testimony will be taken.


Current and recent Planning Commission agendas, minutes, and archived video recordings are available on the Planning Commission webpage.

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