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August 25, 2020

Boulder County Commissioners support the “30×30 for Nature Petition” to protect 30 percent of lands and ocean by 2030

Commissioners adopt proclamation at Aug. 25 business meeting

The Boulder County Board of County Commissioners have approved a proclamation in support of the 30x30 Campaign to Protect 30 Percent of Lands and Ocean by 2030. The 30X30 for Nature Petition is part of "The Campaign for Nature." (website)

This initiative to preserve 30% of our lands and oceans worldwide by the year 2030 is consistent with Boulder County’s longstanding values in support of environmental stewardship and climate action. It is a science-based effort that recognizes the many benefits of conserving and restoring our lands and waters, from mitigating climate change impacts to preserving the Earth’s biodiversity.

- Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones

The proclamation supports efforts by the U.S. Congress to champion this goal, efforts which have been led by Colorado’s U.S. Senator Michael Bennet and Congressman Joe Neguse.

proclamation part 1proclamation signature page

The above proclamation was approved and signed by the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020.

Boulder county Board of County Commissioners