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June 15, 2020

Board of County Commissioners Applaud Upholding of LGBTQ+ Protections

We need to be vigilant in protecting the rights of our residents now, more than ever

Boulder County, Colo. -- Today we are grateful for the long overdue decision from the United States Supreme Court to affirm that the 1964 Civil Rights Act does indeed protect the LGBTQ+ community. Our wish for society, and for Boulder County in particular, is to nurture a community where everyone is welcomed, valued, and protected equally. This being Pride Month and given that some of our own residents have experienced first-hand discrimination, marginalization, or even hate, it is clear to us that we must speak out again in support of inclusion, diversity, and a welcoming community.

Certainly, we need to be vigilant in protecting the rights of our residents now, more than ever. Just last week, the Trump Administration removed nondiscrimination protections for the LGBTQ+ community in the health care and health insurance sectors. This split between the ideals and decisions of the Trump Administration versus those of the Supreme Court illustrate a divided country and a divided federal government.

As leaders of Boulder County government, overseeing nearly 2,500 employees, we strive to “walk the talk” and foster a culture of inclusiveness and equity. Our services and resources at Boulder County will continue to be available for any community member who needs them, and no one will be turned away based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. We are continually seeking ways to improve our policies to make our staff members know they are valued, supported, and respected for who they are as well. In 2016 we added the option to cover hormonal therapy, clinical examination, and psychotherapy related to gender dysphoria to our employee health care plans.

It is our intention to make it known that Boulder County government is eager to welcome all individuals who wish to make our community their home. We will also continue to scrutinize our own policies and programs to continuously improve how we serve our diverse communities. We believe that a prosperous and successful community requires all residents to feel safe, supported, valued, and welcome.

Courthouse lit up in rainbow lights

The historic courthouse on Pearl Street will be lit with rainbow lights from June 16-30. It was previously lit in orange in early June in recognition of gun violence awareness.

Boulder county Board of County Commissioners