Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

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April 17, 2023

April 2023 Mobility and Access Coalition (MAC) Agenda and Newsletter

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Mobility & Access Coalition meetings are virtual, 2nd Monday of the Month

Please note: We will be adjusting when the MAC newsletter is sent out to better reflect updates that emerge from the MAC meetings. Moving forward, these newsletters will provide a summary of the meeting and be sent out the week following the MAC meeting. Thank you for your patience!

Summary from March's Meeting

Big thanks to all of our participants and panelists for the driver shortage discussion it was great to hear how awesome our drivers are and how we are collectively making efforts to address driver shortages!

Summary from April's Meeting

Big thanks to our participants at the MAC in our transportation case study and brainstorming activity, its always helpful to learn more about what services are available. Also, thank you again to Jeff Sidders, for the overview of Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Business Services. It was incredibly informative!

To access the recorded meetings, check out M4A's Youtube Channel!

Next meeting: May 8th,2023 will be IN PERSON!

We will be sending a calendar invitation with more details. If you don't get an invitation, please email Mobility for All!

To Join the Mobility and Access Coalition Email List, Contact:

It is Boulder County policy to make county programs, meetings, activities, and services accessible to individuals with disabilities, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need special assistance, contact the ADA Coordinator at 303-441-3525 at least 72 hours before the scheduled event.


All Month Long

Celebrate Diversity Month

Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Earth Month

April 4: Bike Trains, BoCo Safe Routes

April 4: Disability Etiquette Workshop, DRMAC

April 19: Overview of Transit Resources, DRMAC

April 22: Earth Day

April 26: Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

April 26: RTD Basics, DRMAC

May 2: DRMAC Member Meeting

May 6: Longmont Cinco de Mayo

May 9-12: CASTA Spring Training Conference

Human Stories

Sustainable & Accessible Transit for Earth Month

Rush hour traffic with smog.

Happy Earth Month Everyone!

When this time of the year comes around we are reminded of a pressing need to reduce climate impacts and vulnerabilities for people around the world. Transit access and climate vulnerability go hand in hand! Read more here about how robust, safe, reliable public transit services achieve transit equity and climate justice!

Highlight of the Latest Transportation Topics

Kudos to Mobility for All's Bilingual Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Jessica Villena Sanchez, for discussing the importance of raise awareness that transportation is a basic social, economic, and health need. Read the featured news article here for more information!

Transportation Art Show

Ambassador Highlight: Adriana

A photo of Adrianna Paola, woman with black hair and smiling

Meet Adriana Paola Palacios Luna, one of Mobility for All's amazing ambassadors! Ariana was recent featured in the City of Boulder's highlight on Women's History Month. We are forever grateful for the amazing social justice work Adriana does in all parts of her life! Please check out Adriana's foundation Luna Cultura to learn more! To read about the other awesome women featured in the City of Boulder's highlight click here.

Check out Safe Routes Lending Library

The Safe Routes Lending Library offers educational transportation safety resources that are free to borrow for your one-time or short term events. Safe walking and biking resources are provided in both English and Spanish. The Lending Library aims to help local partners increase their capacity to promote and encourage safe walking and biking through events, campaigns, curriculum, and projects. Check out this link for more information!

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Get Involved

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Community Planning and Permitting Survey

We are conducting a survey of the people we serve: community members, stakeholders, nonprofits we work with, etc. We are trying to best understand how to meet your needs as we deliver our Mobility for All programming. Please take under 5 minutes to share with us how you prefer to work with Mobility for All: online, in-person, or over the phone and what we can do to serve you better.

Please click on the survey in English or Spanish, check Mobility for All, and complete the survey. The survey will be open from April 5 – April 30.

RTD's CO 119 Bus Rapid Transit Study

RTD, partnering organizations, businesses, and elected officials completed a comprehensive study of bus rapid transit (BRT) for the CO119 corridor, which connects Boulder and Longmont. RTD is seeking your input to help guide the BRT's service plan and give insight into the travel demand. To read more about the project, please see this link for more details. There is a English and Spanish version of the survey.

We want to hear from you graphic
A senior African American Couple riding their bikes in nature

Boulder County Public Hearing on CO 119 Bikeway

On Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 9:30 a.m, Boulder County is hosting a public meeting on the safety and mobility improvement modifications and the construction of a bikeway along Colorado Highway 119. For more information on the project overall and the zoom link to attend this meeting please click here.

Opportunities Learn and Grow

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Webinars & Trainings:

Bicycle Colorado Learn to Ride Classes

Access Matters Video Series: Adding Accessibility to your DEI Work

Safe Routes to School Webinar Series

Grant & Funding Opportunities:

Better Bike Share Mini Grant Program

FEMA Transit Security Grant Cycle

U.S. DOT Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Grant Program

Safe Streets and Roads for All Funding

Job & Volunteer Opportunities:

Want to have a meaningful career giving back to your community? Many of our amazing community partners are hiring for positions that help connect people with transportation resources or provide transportation services. M4A has created a landing page for driving and volunteer opportunities. Check out the opportunities today!

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Learn about mobility options and resources in our region:

Boulder County Mobility and Access Coalition's Vision is an equitable transportation network that empowers people of all ages and abilities to move in and beyond the Boulder County community.