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Application Process

Sheriff's Office - Application Process

Applications for non-volunteer positions are accepted through our position listings. Positions open at varying times during the year depending on need. Approved applicants will be notified of the testing times prior to the process beginning.


Applicants must fill out a Boulder County Sheriff’s Office application online. Applicants not able to fill out the online application can use the reserve application. Applications must be completed according to the instructions. Incomplete applications, or applications not received by the closing date and time will not be considered for that process.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office has personnel standards that are higher than you will encounter with most employers. We believe such high standards are necessary because of the nature of our work, high level of public trust, and the legal obligations of the Sheriff. Applicants must pass each stage in the selection process to receive further consideration.

Selection Process

  1. Initial Screening – Upon receipt, a completed application will be reviewed for completeness, neatness, and qualifications. After review, a decision is made whether the applicant is eligible for further testing. Applications passing the screening will be kept on file until the next testing process. Letters will be sent to those whose applications are rejected.
  2. Essential Job Demand Evaluation – An essential job demand evaluation is required of all Deputy positions. This test is a combination of a physical assessment, obstacle course, job function simulation and maximum physical effort testing (quarter-mile run). This helps determine if the applicant meets the physical demands and essential job function requirements of the position.
  3. Written Entrance Test – Written tests are required for all Deputy positions. The testing covers problem solving, personality traits, and writing skills. Applicants will be notified by mail approximately three weeks in advance of a scheduled test date.
  4. Interview – Generally, applicants who pass written tests receive an interview conducted by a panel or a team. This is to establish the applicant’s integrity, document background and assess suitability for the position. Applicants should be willing to disclose all relevant information. The interviewers evaluate such things as communication skills, demeanor, self-confidence, maturity and general knowledge. The interview takes approximately 60 minutes. A separate oral board with members of the division with an opening may also be required.
  5. Polygraph Examination – Polygraphs are required for all positions in the Sheriff’s Office. Areas of inquiry include thefts from employers, serious undetected crimes, illegal drug use, falsification of application; paying or receiving bribes; falsifying official reports; using excessive force; alcohol use on the job and being fired from previous jobs.
  6. Suitability Assessment – A battery of tests and questionnaires, and an interview administered by a psychologist will assess personality traits and attributes essential to the position.
  7. Background Inquiry – Background inquiries are thorough and will verify pertinent information about you and your character. They will include employment history, criminal activity, character references, credit check, prior residences, military service record, driving history, and education verification and other investigation determined necessary by the investigator.

The applicant(s) deemed most suitable after Phase I will be considered for a Conditional Offer of Probationary Employment (COPE) if there is a current opening or may be placed into an applicant pool from which we draw as openings occur. When we have an opening, applicants in the pool will be evaluated considering current departmental needs, overall qualifications and application date. The Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to test and expand the applicant pool, and to consider other candidates at any time.

  1. Conditional Offer Of Probationary Employment – When positions become available, the candidate best meeting the needs of the Sheriff’s Office, in the judgment of the Sheriff’s Executive Staff and affected division, will be selected. The individual selected will be given a COPE and proceed to final testing. The COPE will be withdrawn at any stage of the process if the applicant is deemed unsuitable for hire as a deputy sheriff.
  2. Psychological Assessment – Applicants will be required to complete additional psychological testing and health history to evaluate emotional stability, mental health and psychological suitability for a deputy sheriff position.
  3. Medical Examination – Applicants must have a medical examination at a contracted medical facility to determine if they meet the functional requirements of the position, and their overall health status is adequate to take the Essential Job Demand Evaluation.
  1. Final Selection – A date to start employment will then be set if the applicant passes all of the above described testing.
  2. Introductory/Probationary Period – An introductory or probationary period of at least 12 months is part of the selection process. During the introductory period employees will be required to meet the training and performance standards of the position. Employees who fail to meet these standards within the introductory period may be dismissed or reassigned.

Additional Information

All information provided or discovered through the selection process becomes the property of the Boulder Sheriff’s Office and will be kept confidential. Applicants may be eliminated from further consideration at any stage in the process, and may not be given the specific reason therefore. The results of the testing and investigation are confidential and will not be disclosed to the applicant, or anyone else. Applicants should make copies of any documents before submitting them.

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