Starting Jan. 1, the minimum wage in unincorporated Boulder County is $15.69/hour.

A partir del 1 de enero, el salario mínimo local en la zona no incorporada del condado de Boulder será de $15.69/hora.

Partners for Food Safety Program (PFSP)
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Partners for Food Safety Program (PFSP)

partners for food safety logoThe Partners for Food Safety Program (PFSP) is a voluntary program that recognizes restaurants and facilities in Boulder County who go above and beyond to keep visitors free from foodborne illness.

Program Criteria

The program is voluntary and requires restaurants and food facilities to meet specific criteria, including:

  • A score between 0-49 on the most recent inspection.
  • A training program that ensures that all new staff who handle food are properly trained in food safety within three months of starting work.
  • A score of 50+ points on a food safety evaluation.
  • Good standing with BCPH. Facilities in the civil penalty process are not eligible to participate in the program.

Current PFSP Members

  • Look for the PFSP logo on restaurant windows or doors.
  • Search the Restaurants that Look Out for You.
    If you don’t see your favorite eatery on the list, ask them why they’re not part of the program.

Become a Partner for Food Safety

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