Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

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Enforcement of Air Quality Regulations Related to Dust

Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) enforces Colorado Air Quality Control Commission Regulation No. 1, which states that:

  • Every owner or operator of an activity that creates dust must use all practical measures or operating procedures necessary to minimize dust.
    Sources must prevent dust from leaving their property.


Agricultural sources and properties less than 25 acres or projects lasting six months or less are exempt.
When winds are over 30 mph, sources are exempt from violating the regulation.

Dust is made up of tiny, solid particles (“particulate matter”) floating in the air. Dust can be generated and released into the air as a direct result of human activities such as:

  • Construction
  • Land development
  • Gravel production
  • Mining
  • Landscaping

Blowing dust so thick that it’s hard to see the mountains would suggest there is a dust problem.

NOTE: Dust particles are illuminated and appear thicker when you are looking toward the sun (typically in the early morning and evening hours).

Signs that Dust is Being Controlled

A company trying to control dust will have water trucks in use and should be implementing some of the following dust control measures at the site:

  • Minimizing large dirt piles
  • Stabilizing/crusting stockpiles
  • Laying gravel on haul roads
  • Applying chemical dust suppressants
  • Sweeping up mud that is tracked onto paved roads
  • Utilizing snow fences
  • Re-vegetating as they complete sections of the project

Report Dust Concerns

Dust emissions can be prevented. Your eyes can help us.

  • Report dust events to Boulder County Public Health at 303-441-1564 or at
  • Send us a photo. This will provide evidence of the problem and assist us in making recommendations on how to adequately correct it.
  • Look for a sign on the property with contact information and call to express your concerns.

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