2022 Precinct Caucus Information


The Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office does not conduct the precinct caucuses nor the delegate selection process. The caucuses are conducted by the political parties.

The following is information provided solely as a public service. Please contact your local political party (Democratic Party) (Republican Party) for county information. The Secretary of State Caucuses, Assemblies and Conventions FAQs page provides information on the process.

What is a precinct caucus?

In each even-numbered year, the major political parties in Colorado (Democratic Party and Republican Party) hold their precinct caucuses in March. A precinct caucus is a neighborhood meeting conducted by the political parties, where affiliated voters may get involved in selecting delegates for their party’s County and State Assemblies. This is an important step in the democratic process, because the delegates will eventually elect county, state, and congressional candidates to appear on the party’s June 28 Primary Election ballot, and also approve a party platform for 2022. Precinct caucuses are open to the public and held throughout the state.

I thought there was a law change regarding caucuses and primary elections. What has changed?

The law changed in 2018 to allow presidential candidates to be selected through a primary process instead of just a caucus. However, the caucus process has always been used by both major parties to help select delegates to send to the county and state assemblies and as a forum to discuss political issues. That process has not changed. Additionally, while unaffiliated voters can vote in primary elections, voters will still need to be affiliated with a party to vote in their caucus.

Who may participate in caucus and what are the deadlines?

To vote in a precinct caucus a voter must have been registered to vote at your current address* and affiliated with the party no later than 22 days before their party caucus. See sidebar for more information and see the Secretary of State’s website for exceptions to this rule.

*For those displaced during the Marshall Fire: You may caucus using your pre-Marshall Fire residential voting address. Do not change your residential voter registration address unless you are permanently moving (not rebuilding and/or planning to return). Further guidance for receiving your mail ballot for future elections will be posted soon.

How do I know what precinct I am in?

Note: We are in the process of re-assigning precinct numbers. Please check back closer to caucus for your accurate and updated precinct number. You can find your precinct number, by looking up your registration at or by calling our office at 303-413-7740.

I am registered with the: American Constitution, Approval Voting, Green, Libertarian, or Unity Party. Are they having a caucus or similar gathering?

These parties are minor parties in Colorado. They may be hosting party meetings or conventions. Please see the applicable party website for details:

Important Dates & Details

If you would like to be eligible to vote in a party caucus, by law you must be affiliated with that party for at least 22 days prior to their caucus.

To check and/or update your party (or other voter registration information), visit

Republican Party Caucus – Tuesday, March 1

In-person beginning at 5:30 p.m. See for locations.

Must be registered with the Republican Party to participate no later than Monday, February 7.

Democratic Party Caucus – Saturday, March 5

Online only – See for details.

Must be registered with the Democratic Party to participate no later than Friday, February 11.

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