Boulder to Erie Regional Trail (BERT) Project Schedule

The Boulder to Erie Regional Trail (BERT) master planning process includes seven phases. The overall project began in the Spring of 2019 with an initial goal of planning process completion in 2021. The seven phases of the project are: Project Kick Off & Initial Data Collection, Potential Alignments Study, Additional Data Collection & Project Partnerships, Evaluation Criteria, Conceptual Alignments Evaluation, Select & Refine Conceptual Alignments for Further Consideration, and Final Master Plan.

The project timeline was expanded in June of 2021 to address the need for additional analysis of environmental and wildlife impacts, consideration of additional route options outside the RTD rail corridor, and engagement with Native American tribes and community members.

In late 2022, since the additional route options for consideration outside the RTD rail corridor use City of Boulder-owned lands, the County and City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) developed a Memorandum of Understanding to gain agreement on the process and additional route options.

BERT timeline graphic - previous related milestones
BERT timeline graphic - future steps

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