Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.


EcoPass is an annual transit pass for participating groups and provides unlimited usage of RTD services. One can acquire an EcoPass through their employer, their neighborhood, or their community. For individuals and families interested in transit passes, please visit the RTD website.

EcoPass Program Information

EcoPass Benefits

EcoPass holders are entitled to unlimited rides on RTD transit services, including:

  • Any local or regional bus
  • Boulder’s Community Transit Network: HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT
  • SkyRide bus service to DIA
  • “N” bus to Eldora Mountain Ski Resort
  • Light Rail & Commuter Rail
  • Call-n-Ride

Using Your EcoPass

Using your EcoPass is easy. Tap your card on the validator when boarding the bus or at the light rail platform prior to boarding the train.

  • show your ID card with your EcoPass to the bus driver or light rail inspector
  • take a seat
  • relax and enjoy the ride

All business EcoPass cardholders are also eligible to use the Guaranteed Ride Home program from Way To Go (Formerly Ride Arrangers) free of charge. This peace-of-mind program gives cardholders a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency, illness or unexpected schedule change that requires you to work late. Employees may use the Guaranteed Ride Home program on any day they ride the bus, bike, walk or carpool to work.

For more information on Eco Pass please view the EcoPass frequently asked questions.

EcoPass Feasibility Study

In summer of 2013 the city and county, working closely with RTD, embarked on a Communitywide EcoPass Feasibility Study to evaluate the costs and benefits of large-scale expansion of EcoPass programs. Six implementation scenarios were developed covering various geographic groups. For each scenario, the study estimated:

    • Increased transit ridership
    • Total program costs
    • Community benefits
    • Potential funding sources
    • Implementation challenges

One of the most interesting findings is that a majority of the money needed to fund a communitywide EcoPass is already being paid to RTD in the form of farebox revenue. The study suggests that existing payments make up between 85 and 94 percent of the total costs of the program. Boulder County will continue to explore the viability of a community-wide EcoPass program.

To learn more, read the full study.

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