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Jail Library

The Boulder County Jail provides opportunities for inmates to continue educational learning or recreational reading at the Library.

General Reference and Recreational Media Use

  • Provided once or twice weekly, depending on the inmate’s housing; self-service bookcases are also provided in most housing units.
  • Materials available are responsive to the interests and educational needs of users and are supported by an on-line computer catalog.
  • Resources are supplemented by local, regional, and state libraries; law libraries and inter library loan services.
  • Staffed by the Corrections Library Program Coordinator.
  • Member of the Central Colorado Library System.
  • Approximately 5,900 inmates use the library services in 2009.

Law Library

  • Provided as needed for pro se inmates
  • Provided to others, as requested and needed
  • Assistance provided by the Corrections Library Program Coordinator
  • Number of users annually is approximately seventy-two (72)

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