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Chaplain’s Programs

Chaplain's Programs

Through the motivation and organization of volunteers and churches, Prison Fellowship provides an active and effective prisoner assistance and service programs.

The primary focus is on: – prison evangelism, instruction, and visitation – pre-release counseling and support – aftercare and family assistance Prison Fellowship is also well-known for its inmate correspondence program, in which inmates are matched with pen pals on the outside. This is the most popular program that we offer and approximately 1000 inmates per year participate.

This is a ministry which offers a free Bible Correspondence Course. The enrollment cards are placed in locations around the jail and no figures are available concerning how many of our inmates are enrolled.

A prison ministry providing bible correspondence courses, personal visitation, spiritual counseling when requested, and other courses especially designed for the needs of prisoners. Approximately one hundred forty-five (145) inmates participate in the program annually.

A Prison and Outreach Ministry provided by Shekinah Ministries of Longmont one night per week for male and female inmates. The group is limited to twenty (20). Approximately 425 inmates attend each year.

Offers a variety of services, including spiritual counseling. No figures are available yet concerning the number of inmates receiving their services.

Provides bible study opportunities for male and female inmates.

Non-denominational services in Spanish and English are offered to all inmates each Sunday in all three buildings encompassing the jail. A group of ministers rotate Sundays, due to commitments at their own churches on Sunday. A Catholic Priest and Deacon provide mass for the Catholic inmates one night a week. Approximately sixty (60) inmates per week participate for an annual total of 3,120. A Chaplain is also available on a limited basis, but the program is expected to expand in the near future.

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