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Preparing for an Anthrax Emergency
responding to an anthrax emergency


Planning for an Unlikely Emergency

Boulder County Public Health partners with local, state, and national agencies to protect people who are exposed to biological agents like anthrax. In such an emergency, public health agencies will provide medications to our entire community as rapidly as possible to prevent people from getting sick. Medications would most likely be distributed at the Boulder County Fairgrounds using a drive-through model that allows people to pick up medications for themselves and their entire household.


Three antibiotic medications are recommended to treat a biological agent like anthrax:

Screening for Safety

To ensure all individuals can safely take one of these medications, public health staff screens everyone for medical conditions and potential allergies to choose the medication that is best for you.

This Head of Household Screening Form helps ensure everyone receives the correct medication. Up to ten household members can be entered on the same form. With this form, only one adult (over the age of 18) in the family will need to go to the Boulder County Fairgrounds to pick up medications for everyone on their form.

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