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Protect your home and help combat property fraud with Property Alert

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Property Alert – A free email notification system to help detect possible fraudulent activity on your home or property

The Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s office wants to give local residents a way to detect possible fraudulent activity associated with their home or other property. The Recording Division of the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s office has Property Alert as part of the records search portal to protect your investment. Our goal is to prevent the loss of time, money and worries associated with correcting mortgage, deed, and lien fraud.

Protect yourself by signing up for Property Alert today!

How much does it cost to use Property Alert?
It is a free tool provided by the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office to help detect fraudulent activity within the land records managed and maintained by the Recording Division of the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

How do I sign-up for Property Alert?
1– Visit our Public Search Site here:

2–Register as a user with your email, creating a password

3–Confirm your registration when you receive the email from the system

4–Once logged in, click on Property Alert in the top blue area.

We recommend reading the FAQs first as some instructions and pictures are included

5–Scroll down to Enter a Name or Find a Document (we recommend using the Enter a Name function for ease).

You will see this show on your screen:

Text reading, "Configure your Search Criteria: Enter personal and/or business name(s): For personal names, enter last name first e.g. JONES BOB." Below text is an empty box to enter LAST NAME FIRST NAME. Below this box is a button reading Create Property Alert.

Type in your last name then a space then your first name. As it auto-populates below you can select from the list, or you may just hit enter.

Example: Use Smith John, Smith John A, Smith John Adam, Brown Robert, Brown Bob

You may enter both owner’s names and various versions, and you may enter trust names as well.

6 – Once all versions of names have been entered, click on Create Property Alert button.

7 – Terms & Conditions will pop up for you to read and accept.

How does Property Alert work?
The database searches for recorded documents using the name(s) you include when creating your profile. You will be notified by email when a document is recorded reflecting your name.

Is it possible I may receive an alert which does not pertain to me?
Yes, this can occur if you have a common name or another party has the same name and has recorded a document at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

What if I receive an alert for a document which should not be recorded against my name or property?
In the event that fraud is suspected, please call the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office at 303-441-3600 for assistance.

How does property and mortgage fraud occur?
Unbeknownst to a home or property owner, fraudulent documents such as a deed can be filed with the Clerk’s office that makes it appear as if the actual owners sold or transferred property rights. Once recorded, the scammer can then use that paperwork to take out a mortgage or even attempt to sell your property without your knowledge. Signing up for Property Alert is an easy step you can take to protect your property.

Why can’t the Clerk’s office detect if a document is fraudulent?
The Clerk and Recorder’s office only records documents. If documents presented for recording meet statutory requirements, the Clerk is legally required to record the documents. The Clerk cannot verify the legality or accuracy of the documents filed in the office.

Can I search for my name/property today?
Yes. Just login to the Public Search:

More questions on Property Alert?
Please call our office at 303-413-7770.

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