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DC-24-0001: Text Amendments to the Land Use Code Related to Temporary Fireworks and Christmas Tree Sales Use

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DC-24-0001: Text Amendments to the Land Use Code Related to Temporary Fireworks and Christmas Tree Sales Use

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Boulder County Planning Commission (PC) Public Hearing: Community Planning & Permitting Department Docket DC-24-0001 – Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024

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Planner: Cayley Byrne
Action Requested: Recommendation to Board of County Commissioners


On Jan. 9, 2024, staff received authorization from the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to pursue a text amendment to the Boulder County Land Use Code (the Code) related to Article 4-517.H Temporary Fireworks and Christmas Tree Sales and any other related Articles and provisions necessary to integrate these changes.

As a result of concerns raised by the Board of County Commissioners and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office related to fireworks sales in unincorporated Boulder County given wildfire danger in the community, Community Planning & Permitting staff are considering an amendment to the existing regulations in the Code to disallow the fireworks sales use. The potential amendment would strike all language concerning Temporary Fireworks Sales from Article 4-517.H, leaving allowances for Temporary Christmas Tree Sales.

Staff intend to update relevant content in Article 4-517.H (Zoning) of the Code and will make any other revisions necessary to other parts of the Code to integrate the changes. Some organizational changes and updates to the existing language may also be necessary to make the Code easier to navigate and utilize.

The anticipated timeline for this code update is as follows:

Summary of Proposed Changes

View the referral packet and summary of proposed changes as of Jan. 30, 2024.


Cayley Byrne, Long Range Planner I


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