Financial Incentives

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Historic Preservation Financial Incentives

Owners of historic buildings know that restoration can be costly. Programs to help with costs can be competitive, but there are several options. It is very important to know that these incentives can only be utilized on properties that have been landmarked through Boulder County’s program or through the National/State Register process.


Local Grants

Boulder County allocates money for historic building rehabilitation projects through a Historic Landmark Rehabilitation Grant Program. The property must be locally landmarked by Boulder County to be eligible (Boulder County has jurisdiction over the unincorporated part of Boulder County). For properties within any of the cities or towns, contact that jurisdiction for any programs they might have.

If your property is not already designated see Historic Preservation Designation FAQs, or contact us to find out how. You may submit applications any time of year, however some years we run out of funds before the end of the year.

State Grants

State Grant funding is VERY competitive, requires matching funds, and favors projects that have a clear public benefit. If you’d like to apply for a grant to help finance the restoration of a private residence, for example, you are not likely to receive grant money, but tax credits would be an option. To learn more about state grants, see the Colorado State Historical Fund.

Tax Credits

Tax credits may be applied for by owners of properties listed in the State or National Register of Historic Places, or landmarked by Boulder County.

The Boulder County historic preservation staff can process your state tax credit application. Federal tax credits are processed by the state historic preservation office. For more information see Preservation Tax Credit Information.

Building Code Variances

Meeting today’s building codes without permanently altering the historic character of a structure can be challenging and costly. Boulder County’s adopted building codes do allow for some code variances for designated historic landmarks. For more information please contact the historic preservation staff.

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