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Property Search Help

Property Search Help

Property Search

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Welcome to the Boulder County Assessor’s Office Property Search

Note: GIS data cannot be used to create survey quality maps. Boulder County has provided the information in this application as a public service, and offers no guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy of the data provided. Only Colorado Licensed Professional Land Surveyors can provide survey-quality land information.

How to Search

  • Enter a search term into the box at the top.
  • A menu of possible matches will appear below the box.
  • Choose the item that matches what you’re looking for.

You may search by

  • Address
  • Owner Name
  • Account Number
  • Parcel Number
  • Street Name
  • Subdivision
  • Section-Township-Range

Search Result

After retrieving a property, property information will be available in the grey accordion tabs on the left. The map on the right will display the property boundaries. (If your browser window is narrow or you are on a mobile device, the map will appear below the property data.)

If the parcel is associated with more than one account, you will see a list of accounts.

To display property data for a specific property from the list:

  • Double-click a row or
  • Click the row’s select arrow
  • To create a report including multiple properties:
    • Click the rows of desired properties, then
    • Click the Create Report or CSV button.

Large datasets may take some time to prepare for CSV download. The download button will appear when the download is ready. Please be patient.

Property Data Display

When an account is selected, the property data will be shown divided into sections.

To view a section:

  • Click the appropriate header and the section will open.
  • Click again to close.
  • You may have more than one section open at a time.

Property Data Types

  • Property—ownership, address and other property information
  • Assessment—deeds, account value, and detailed building information
  • Sales—comparable sales information used in valuation
  • Zoning—zoning information including permits and dockets (properties in Unincorporated areas only)
  • Floodplain—floodplain information including determinations
  • Surveys—specific to the property and to the general area
  • Public Lands—location of nearby agricultural and publicly owned lands
  • Elections—election districts in which the property is located
  • Other Views—streetview, oblique imagery and the City of Boulder website

Map Navigation

To find property information from the map, you may:

  • Use the +/- zoom tool on the upper left corner of the map to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Hold the shift button and drag your mouse over a desired area to zoom in there.
  • Swipe, or click and drag, the map to scroll it in the desired direction.

Once you’ve zoomed in enough that the properties are visible, you can select a property by clicking on it.

Map Actions

Expand/Contract Map

  • Select Map Actions > Expand Map to fill browser window width with the map.
  • Select Map Actions > Contract Map to shrink map’s portion of the browser window.

Print Map

  • Select Map Actions > Print Map to display only the map in the browser window.
  • Click the Return button in the top right corner of the browser to return to default display including property data.


Zoom in to selected municipality on the map:

  • Full—Displays entire county
  • Boulder
  • Erie
  • Jamestown
  • Lafayette
  • Longmont
  • Louisville
  • Lyons
  • Nederland
  • Niwot
  • Superior
  • Ward

Additional Actions

Advanced functions


Select all properties within a specified distance from a parcel or group of parcels that you select. You can then create a report or download a .csv.

  1. Enter distance in feet.
  2. Select the properties to buffer by drawing a polygon on the map. The buffer will draw and any property the buffer touches will be returned.

Note that you must be zoomed into the map close enough to see the properties.


Select all properties within a polygon that you draw on the map. You can then create a report or download a .csv.

To select multiple parcels, click on the map and move the mouse to start drawing. Click to create a vertex. Double-click to complete the shape. Any parcel that is touched by the polygon will be selected.


Locate a specific location from a latitude-longitude pair you provide.

  1. Choose one of three formats:
    • DMS: Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DDD° MM’ SS.S”)
      Example: 40° 1‘ 9
    • DD: Decimal Degrees (DDD° MM.MMM’)
      Example: 40.0186
    • DDM: Degrees & Decimal Minutes (DDD.DDDDD°)
      Example: 40° 1.1
  2. Enter desired coordinates in Latitude & Longitude boxes.
  3. Click Find
  • Click Clear to start a new search.


Measure length of a line or the area of a polygon on the map.

  1. Chose to measure Distance or Area.
  2. Choose Units to measure in.
  • To measure a distance, click on the map and draw a line. Click once to change the direction. Double-click to end the measurement.
  • To measure an area, click on the map and draw a polygon. Double click to close the polygon.


Upload a list of parcel numbers or addresses from a file and display them on the map. Use either:

    • a text file (.txt extension) or
    • a Comma Separated Values file (.csv extension).

(Excel exported CSV files are supported.)

Supported search types are either:

  • parcel numbers (Example: 146330324001)
  • street address (Example: 1325 Pearl St).

Search using an uploaded file:

  1. Click the Choose File button.
  2. Navigate to file to upload.
  3. Select that file.
  4. Click Open.


A preference is set when a check-mark appears next to the option in the Preferences fly-out menu.

Set Lat-Long

Set map coordinates to one of three formats:

  • Decimal Degrees: (DDD° MM.MMM’) Example: 40.0186
  • Degrees Decimal Minutes: (DDD.DDDDD°) Example: 40° 1.1
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds: (DDD° MM’ SS.S”) Example: 40° 1‘ 9

Overlay Sections

Displays Public Land Survey System (PLSS) lines and designations on the map. Map must be zoomed in enough for the Section numbers to appear.

Designations appear in this order:

  • Township
  • Range
  • Section

Keep Map Stable

Prevents map from recentering when you click on a property.

Do Buffer Labels

Overlays Property Account Numbers on properties within selected buffer.


Returns Property Search to an empty state, ready for a new search.

Opens an email message displaying a URL that will bring up Property Search, displaying the current property.


The data for this application have been developed solely for internal use by Boulder County, and Boulder County makes no warranties, representations or guarantees, either expressed or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy or correctness of the data, nor accepts or assumes any liability arising from or for any incorrect, incomplete or misleading data provided pursuant to the use of this application. There are no warranties and/or representations, either expressed or implied, of merchantability or fitness of the data for a particular purpose or use.

These maps give approximate representations of property boundaries and other features. All GIS data have inherent spatial inaccuracies, including aerial photography. Only a licensed surveyor can create an exact depiction of property boundaries.



Property identification and location:

    • Property Photo (if available)
    • Account Number
    • Owner
    • Mailing Address

(May differ from property address.)

  • Mailing City
  • Mailing Zip
  • Sec-Town-Range
  • Subdivision
  • Parcel Number
  • Property Address

(May differ from mailing address.)

  • Location
  • Jurisdiction
  • Legal Description
  • Est. Parcel Area
  • Square Feet
  • Acres


  • Print Property Report
  • Property Taxes
  • Septic System
  • Subdivision Plat




  • Select Account—only available when more than one account is associated with the selected parcel
  • Account Number
  • Parcel Number
  • Tax Area
  • No. of Improvements
  • Site Address
  • Neighborhood


  • Clerk and Recorder Record Search
  • Deed Number
  • Sale Date
  • Recorded Date
  • Sale Price

Total Account Value

Listed by:

  • Actual (Market value)
  • Assessed (Market value multiplied by assessment rate)

Breakdown of value:

  • Total
  • Structure
  • Land
  • X-Features
  • MillLevy


  • Section
  • Class
  • Built
  • Design

Number of rooms

  • Total
  • Bedrooms
  • Full Bath
  • 3/4 Bath
  • Half Bath

Areas of levels in sq. ft.

  • First Floor (Above Ground) Finished Area
  • 2nd Floor And Higher Finished Area
  • Walk-Out Basement Finished Area
  • Loft (Access By Ladder, Pulldown Stairs) Area
  • Deck Area
  • Deck Area
  • Enclosed Porch Area
  • Patio Area
  • Porch Area


  • Print Assessment Report
  • CSV



Compares subject property to three similar properties sold during the base period. Characteristics included:

  • Address
  • Account No
  • Design
  • Sale Date
  • Time-Adj Sale Price
  • Living Area
  • Year Built
  • Basement Finished
  • Basement Total
  • Garage Total


  • Print Sales Report
  • CSV
  • Use Sales Tool—directs user to Comparable Sales application



Properties in Unincorporated Boulder County only

  • Address
  • Parcel Number
  • Zoning
  • Wind Load
  • Snow Load


  • Detailed Permit & Docket Information
  • Land Use Department Website


  • Print Zoning Report
  • Legend



Displays property identification and flood status information:

    • Address
    • Parcel Number
    • Flood Zone
    • Floodway
    • FIRM Map Num
    • Flood-affected access
    • Access compliant

If status is “no”, this note will appear:
Note: Potential buyers of this property should be aware of property transfer regulations that require construction of a permanent access upon sale of a property. Please contact Flood Rebuilding and Permit Center (FRPIC) at 303-441-1705.


Displays permit numbers with notes for flood mitigation construction.

Elevation Certificates:

Information on Elevation Certificates

Letter of Map Change (LOMA or LOMR):

If a Letter of Map Change (LOMA or LOMR) case number is shown on the map (e.g. 13-08-xxxxx-xxxxxx), more information can be found at the FEMA Map Service Center. Once on the FEMA site, click on “Search All Products” and enter the LOMC number.

Floodplain information shown on this site for incorporated areas of Boulder County should not be relied upon. Please contact the appropriate jurisdiction for up-to-date floodplain information for incorporated areas.

Questions? Flood Control Website
or call 303-441-3900.


Specific to the property and to the general area


  • Address
  • Parcel Number

Surveys in the general area of the property

  • Survey Number
  • Survey Date
  • Surveyor
  • Firm
  • STRQ
  • Description


  • County Surveyor’s Website
  • Survey Plat Search Tool


  • Print Survey Report
  • Survey Image
  • Subdivision Plat

Public Lands

Location of nearby agricultural and publicly owned lands are displayed on map.


Legend for Public Lands map.


  • Information about Boulder County Open Space Properties


Election districts in which the property is located


  • Address
  • Parcel Number
  • Precinct
  • US Congressional District
  • State Senate
  • State House
  • County Commissioner
  • Contacts


  • Elections Website


  • Print Elections Report
  • Legend

Other Views Section

Google Street View

Google Street View is a technology feature in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides 360 degree horizontal and 290 degree vertical panoramic views from a row of positions along the street (one every approximately 10 or 20 meters) for many streets in the world, from a heightf about 2.5 meters. It was launched on May 25, 2007, and has gradually expanded to include more cities, more streets, and more rural areas.

Oblique Imagery

Oblique refers to the angle at which an image is captured (oblique images are typically captured at a 40 degree angle). By capturing images at this angle, as opposed to a straight down or overhead shot, oblique images reveal greater detail, enabling users to see different views of an image and notice relevant details such as street lights, fire hydrants etc. With oblique imagery, for example, you can see the front door of a house, the back door, the windows and more. Boulder County has acquired the rights to serve oblique imagery captured and hosted by Pictometry International Corporation.

City of Boulder

The City of Boulder maintains its own property search application. If your property is located in the city’s limits, the link provided will take you to their site.

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