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Declarations Online FAQ

Filing Declarations Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Please provide an itemized list of all furniture, tools, and equipment owned and used in the business as of Jan. 1. Include expensed assets with a life greater than one year, fully depreciated assets still in use, assets in storage that are subject to IRS depreciation and leasehold improvements. Do not include licensed equipment or software. Submit original installed cost only (no depreciated values).

Please attach documentation relevant to your declaration filing such as: Documents pertaining to leased assets, depreciation schedules, change of address authorization, and letters of authorization.

You are allowed to upload Microsoft Office documents, text documents, and images pertaining to your filing. Each attachment is limited to 10MB.

You may click the “no changes” box on the first page of the online filing by your listed assets.

Please check the box that applies on the first page of the online filing system and provide your new physical and or mailing address.

If your FEIN is not recognized, it may be registered incorrectly in the system OR it may not be on file in our office. This problem can be solved by calling 303-441-3530. For other problems, contact

Yes, please provide the leased equipment list as an attachment to the electronic declaration filing using the provided declaration format.

Yes, please provide a letter via email ( on business letterhead, and include your company’s FEIN, account number, and contact information (contact person name, title, and phone number) with an authorized signature. We will add it to our database within 48 hours.

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