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Parks & Open Space Capital Improvement & Stewardship Projects

Parks & Open Space Capital Improvement & Stewardship Projects

Boulder County annually approves capital and stewardship projects for Parks & Open Space.


Capital improvement and stewardship projects are prioritized through a process that starts with the department’s internal strategic plan. Each workgroup identifies projects for the upcoming year based on their strategic priorities. Proposed projects are ranked based on strategic alignment and a variety of additional factors.

Capital improvement projects flow from management plans and master plans adopted by the Board of County Commissioners following a public process. Additional factors are priorities in the department’s 2025 Strategic Focus, purchase agreements, intergovernmental agreements, and requests from communities and the public.

Stewardship projects come from the Stewardship Fund, a new funding opportunity created in 2021 as a result of the department’s internal strategic planning efforts. This funding is designed to help address maintenance backlog and strategic projects that are over and above normal operating budgets.

Fund Sources

The 2022 budget request includes a $1.5 million line item for capital improvement and stewardship projects. Funds for projects come from open space sales tax revenues. Thanks to grants and partner contributions, the department has been able to leverage an additional $2.8 million, for a total budget of over $4 million dollars.

Annual Open Space & Trail Requests

Each year the county invites the municipalities of Boulder County to submit requests for open space and trail projects. This is an opportunity to continue exploring and expanding partnerships on open space acquisitions and trail projects.

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