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April 1, 2024

Wildfire Partners Opens Free Countywide Community Chipping Wildfire Mitigation Program for the 2024 Season

Applications Now Available for All County Residents to Manage High-Risk Vegetation on Their Properties

Key Points

  • Free county chipping program is available to all county residents
  • Program supports residents with managing the high-risk vegetation on their properties
  • Learn more and apply to the chipping program at

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County is proud to continue taking significant steps forward in its community safety and environmental stewardship with the 2024 season launch of Wildfire Partners Community Chipping Program. This program supports all county residents with managing the high-risk vegetation on their properties, fostering a safer, cleaner, and more fire-resilient environment for all.

Boulder County continues to recognize the pressing need for proactive measures to reduce wildfire risk. In 2023, 53 applications were approved, representing chipping events that supported almost 500 homes from all corners of Boulder County.

This county chipping program is free to all county residents, allowing adequate disposal of slash — green branches, and brush — in a safe and sustainable manner. This program is actively improving defensible space around properties and reducing the potential for fire to spread.

“Wildfire Partners saw an almost immediate success to last year’s launching of the chipping program. Residents had been waiting for a new Chipping Program, and the quick response demonstrates just how proactive our communities are becoming,” said Boulder County Chipping Coordinator Zack Bertges. “For 2024, we’ve prepared for and are expecting more than 1,000 homes to participate. We added additional chipping contractors to increase capacity and made some changes internally to support this fast-growing program. It’s a very exciting time for residents to jump in and participate.”

In collaboration with local fire districts and approved chipping contractors, the county chipping program fosters community engagement and public awareness about wildfire mitigation. This program also emphasizes collaboration among neighbors to establish neighborhood chipping events, where groups of five or more homeowners will work together to complete the chipping event in their community.

Funding for the Community Chipping Program is provided by the Wildfire Mitigation Sales Tax. The sales tax was approved by Boulder County voters in 2022 to fund work in two areas: Strategic Forest and Grassland Management, and Community and Individual Programs to Improve Wildfire Resilience. The Community Chipping Program is one of the first community programs to be funded by the Wildfire Mitigation Sales Tax.

Learn More and Apply

A minimum of five participating neighbors is required to host a community chipping event. At each community event, a county approved chipping contractor will provide the chipping services and haul the chips to a partnering donation site. Learn more about the chipping program, eligibility criteria, and application and scheduling process.

About Wildfire Partners

Wildfire Partners is a nationally recognized Boulder County program designed to help residents prepare for wildfires. Technical and financial assistance is available to residents of the county through custom wildfire mitigation assessments, grant funding, educational programs, community events, and a free chipping program.

For more information, contact Zack Bertges, Wildfire Partners Chipping Coordinator, at 303-678-6168 or

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