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June 18, 2024

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Wildfire Partners Announces Countywide Wildfire Mitigation Rebate Program

Rebate of up to $500 Available to All Boulder County Residents

Key Points

  • A new wildfire mitigation rebate program is now available to all Boulder County residents
  • The program supports residents protecting their homes from wildfires with a rebate of up to $500.
  • Learn more and apply at

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County is proud to announce a new rebate program encouraging residents to actively take steps to protect their homes and communities from wildfire. The rebate program is open to all county residents who are actively improving home hardening and defensible space on their properties to reduce the potential for wildfire to spread.

This program provides a rebate of up to $500 to county residents who are eligible and complete one or more of the following wildfire mitigation actions:

  • Junk Your Junipers - Removing highly flammable juniper vegetation.
  • The First Five Feet - Replacing the first five feet around the perimeters of a home with noncombustible landscaping material.
  • Fences are Fuses - Replacing the five feet of fencing attached to a home with noncombustible material.
  • Screen or Replace Your Vents - Screening vents on a home with 1/8-inch mesh or replacing with flame-resistant vents.

The rebate program is open to all Boulder County residents, including all municipalities and the City of Boulder, who own or rent a home in Boulder County to which the eligible wildfire mitigation actions apply. Qualifying work and materials must be used on the property located in Boulder County. Applications must be received by October 31, 2024.

Learn more and apply at

“Boulder County is wildfire country. They can happen anywhere in the county at any time of year under the right conditions. Each of us can play an important role in mitigating their effect on our homes and communities,” said Jim Webster, Program Manager for Wildfire Partners. “Our goal is to encourage more of our residents to take action.”

Funding for the rebate program is provided by the Wildfire Mitigation Sales Tax. The sales tax was approved by Boulder County voters in 2022 to fund work in two areas: Strategic Forest and Grassland Management, and Community and Individual Programs to Improve Wildfire Resilience.

About Wildfire Partners

Wildfire Partners is a nationally recognized Boulder County program designed to help residents prepare for wildfires. Technical and financial assistance is available to residents of the county through custom wildfire mitigation assessments, grant funding, educational programs, community events, and a free chipping program.

For more information, contact Jeff Stanley, Wildfire Partners Special Projects Coordinator, at 303-441-1420 or

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