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May 17, 2022

Voter Registration Information for Marshall Fire Impacted Residents

Please disregard this message if you recently received and reviewed / acted upon an email that came directly from Boulder County Elections earlier this month.

This email is being sent to residents subscribed to either the Marshall Fire Recovery email listserv or Marshall Fire Debris Management listserv. No further correspondence from the Clerk & Recorder will be emailed to either of these lists after today. Boulder County simply wants to ensure all residents are informed on their voter registration options.

The Boulder County Clerk & Recorder - Elections Division - wants to make sure your mail ballot finds you. However, for security purposes, mail ballots cannot be forwarded. Please follow these simple steps to ensure you receive your mail ballot for any upcoming election. Ballot content is dependent on where you are registered to vote (residential address), and for primary elections, dependent on your party affiliation.

Note: If you put in a permanent change of address with the post office, you may have inadvertently changed your residential address for voting. There is no need to update again with the post office, but if you intend to rebuild/return to your pre-fire address and want to continue voting from that address, simply edit your voter registration following the directions below.

  • Visit, find your current registration, and you may edit your record adding/updating an alternative mailing address on your voter registration.
    • Note: There is a 3rd field for “mail my ballot to a different address.” You do not need to fill in this field.
  • The mailing address should be the address at which you are currently receiving mail / having your mail forwarded.
  • If you have already decided you will not be returning to your former residential address (not rebuilding and/or returning to a rental) and you have established a new permanent residence, you should update your voter registration residential address.
  • Visit, find your current registration, and edit your record updating your residential address on your voter registration.

Registration changes are not immediate, but reviewed by county personnel before going live in the system. Please allow up to several business days for the change to take effect in your voter registration record.

The above steps can also be completed in person at our office during normal business hours or by mail using a voter registration form.

I voted Sticker

To participate in the June Primary Election, you must be registered as a Democrat, Republican, or Unaffiliated voter.

Ballots for the June 28 Primary are mailed to all eligible voters beginning June 6. Here are the details:

  • Registered Democrats will receive only the Democratic Party ballot. Registered Republicans will receive only the Republican Party ballot. No other parties are holding primaries.
  • By law, unaffiliated voters will be mailed both major party (Dem and Rep) ballots but can only vote and return one ballot. To receive just one ballot, unaffiliated voters may pre-select a ballot preference in their voter registration. Please see the Unaffiliated Voter FAQ page for more information.
  • For party affiliated voters, June 6 is the deadline to switch party affiliation to vote in a different primary (but due to printing deadlines, we recommend much sooner).

For more information, see our Election Information page.

Boulder County Elections Division