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April 7, 2024

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Urgent message to the public of Boulder County regarding traffic safety

Boulder County, Colo. – In the wake of the power outage affecting Boulder County since Saturday, there has been a disturbing trend of individuals disregarding traffic laws, particularly at intersections with non-functional traffic lights. This reckless behavior has led to multiple accidents and poses a significant threat to the safety of our community. We are asking that all drivers take this matter seriously and strictly adhere to traffic laws.

Especially as we approach the morning commute on Monday, April 8, we urge extreme caution while navigating the roads throughout the city and county. If the traffic light is dark, treat the intersection just like you would a four-way stop. Yield to the right when other drivers arrive at the intersection at the same time. When you’re in a situation where four cars, coming from four different directions, all arrive at the same time, the first one to come to a complete stop should go first. After that, you again yield to the right. All the cars will then safely be able to proceed, in a counterclockwise rotation.

Preventing further accidents is within our collective power, and we must all do our part to ensure the safety of ourselves and others. We implore the public to exercise patience and diligence while traveling, keeping in mind the ongoing power issues affecting traffic lights. Together, we can navigate this challenging situation and ensure a safe journey for all as Xcel Energy continues their efforts to re-energize the powerlines around Boulder County.

For further information and updates on efforts to restore power across Boulder County, please visit

Let us unite in our commitment to safety and work together to safeguard our community.