Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

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January 2, 2022

Updated re-entry information for evacuated Marshall Fire Residents – 6 p.m. Jan. 2, 2022

Boulder County, Colo. - Beginning on January 2, 2022 at 6 PM, the following areas will be moved to a soft closure:

  • Creekside, Circle Park, and The Ridge. This includes the area from the intersection of Rock Creek Pkwy and McCaslin Blvd south to Coalton Road and east to the intersection with Coalton Road and Rock Creek Pkwy.
  • South 68th south to Davidson Ditch. This includes any areas accessible off of South 68th.

Note: There are no changes to evacuation status in Louisville.

A soft closure means that the area is open to residents only and identification (ID) showing proof of address will be needed to gain entry. Please be patient as lines could be long at checkpoints.

There are homes that have been damaged or destroyed in these areas. Please use caution when returning to your neighborhood. Incident personnel continue to work in these areas and hazards such as weakened trees and structures do exist. Residents should expect to see smoke, smoldering material, and pockets of open flame where structures have been destroyed. If previously undamaged structures become impacted, please call 911.

Here are some additional things to consider when returning home:

  • Only residents with addresses within a soft closure area are allowed to enter the area. Residents should return to their homes and stay on their property. Do not wander into other areas of the fire or into areas that remain under a hard closure. Use extreme caution around damaged or destroyed structures.
  • Some residents may see colored cards on structures when they return home. The cards are based on the ATC-45 Rapid Evaluation Form. There are three colors possible. Green means it has been INSPECTED, Yellow means RESTRICTED USE, and Red means UNSAFE. The card also provides space for detailed information regarding why or how the building use is restricted or why the building is unsafe (if not obvious). If you have a card on your home and have additional questions, please call the number on the card if one was provided, or call Boulder County Building Safety & Inspection Services at 720-564-2643.
  • Hard closures are open to emergency personnel only and should not be entered on foot, bicycle, or by any other means. Members of the public who enter these hard closure areas are hampering fire and recovery operations and, as a result, it will take longer for fire and response operations to be completed and additional areas to be opened.
  • Victim Advocates will be staged at Superior Elementary and at the checkpoint on South 68th to answer questions.
  • Residents are asked to limit driving to daylight hours only, to go directly to their homes, and remain in or around their home.
  • There is no potable water in the affected area so residents should be prepared to bring bottled water with them for all water needs, including for pets. Never use water you think may be contaminated to wash dishes, brush teeth, prepare food, wash hands, make ice or baby formula.
  • Power, gas, and water may not be restored by the time you are allowed to re-enter. Please do not call 911 or utility companies. They are working as quickly as they can to restore utilities.
  • With the power outages, food in your refrigerator and freezer may be contaminated or spoiled. Dispose of any food that has been exposed to smoke, soot or heat or has thawed. Dumpsters will be placed in central locations for food disposal. Please do not use personal trash cans.
  • As residents return to the fire area, if there are signs that suspicious activity has occurred, please call the Tipline at 303-441-3674. If suspicious activity is occurring, please call 911 or the non-emergency line at 303-441-4444.

All other areas not listed above or not previously moved to soft closure remain in hard closure. Please reference the OEM Info Map at for the most current evacuation information.