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October 13, 2023

Trash, Weeds, Vehicles, etc. on Vacant Lots in the Unincorporated Marshall Fire Impacted Area

Boulder County Community Planning & Permitting (CP&P) has received some inquiries from the community about trash, weeds, vehicles, etc. on vacant lots in the unincorporated areas of the Marshall Fire impacted area. It is important for property owners to maintain these vacant lots in order to reduce hazards, mitigate wildfire risk, address health and safety issues, and out of respect for neighbors and the community. Maintaining these vacant properties also keeps property owners in compliance with county regulations.

While we understand that many residents are not yet ready or able to move forward with their rebuilding projects due to various reasons, including underinsurance, insurance settlements, escrow withholdings, etc., we want to support both residents with properties that have not yet been redeveloped as well as neighbors and the rest of the community. Consequently, we would like to ensure these parcels are not presenting a hazard and meeting county code by taking an approach that respects those currently living in the community and those who may be returning when they can.

CP&P can address rubbish and unlicensed/inoperable vehicles on properties through our Code Enforcement process. We also have limited authority to require mowing of grasses (i.e., can enforce on grasses that are 9” or more on <2.5 acre lots), and we can also enforce to require eradication of noxious weeds.

CP&P plans to contact property owners with vacant lots in the Marshall Fire area as a courtesy to inform them of their obligation to maintain the property and to alert them that, if they don’t maintain their properties, they will likely get a violation notice from the county.

If you have questions or concerns about the requirement to maintain your parcel in unincorporated Boulder County, please work with your Rebuilding Coordinator who will be happy to assist.