Stage 1 fire restrictions, enacted for unincorporated areas of western Boulder County.

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January 6, 2022

Residents encouraged to register at the Disaster Assistance Center for debris removal assistance

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County is currently working closely with the state, FEMA, and impacted municipalities to create a coordinated debris removal program for homes that have been destroyed or damaged by the Marshall Fire. Details are still being finalized and will be released soon.

Any property owner choosing to conduct site clean-up work of any structural or ash-related debris on their own would be ineligible for the debris removal program. Any property owner choosing to conduct clean-up work on their own is responsible for following state and local permitting requirements, which will include closeout inspections and utility requirements. This includes a deconstruction or demolition permit from your local building department.

Please be aware that there is a licensing requirement for all haulers and contractors that will be hauling ash and fire-related debris. For more information on the hauling licensing requirements, please visit to ensure you or your hauler has a current license. All privately contracted work must follow state, local, and federal environmental regulations including guidance documents developed specifically for handling and transporting ash and debris from fires. Any contractor hauling ash and debris assumes all liability for transporting this hazardous material, which must be properly profiled and manifested through an approved landfill.

Impacted community members who would like to register for the county debris clean-up program should register at the Disaster Assistance Center, and the county will be in touch with additional details as soon as they are finalized.