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August 25, 2020

New Land Use Code Docket DC-20-0002: Accessory Meat or Poultry Processing

Update intends to formalize an Accessory Use for Meat and Poultry Processing

Boulder County, Colo. - Boulder County’s Department of Community Planning & Permitting (CP&P) has begun the next project in continuous efforts to support the agricultural community in Land Use Code Docket DC-20-0002 Accessory Meat or Poultry Processing.

The public is invited to provide input on the proposed changes, which are planned to help the local farming community, continue previous efforts to pursue changes to agriculture-related language, and support the County Commissioner’s and the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan priorities.

This update intends to formalize an Accessory Use for meat and poultry processing, and is a continuation of efforts started with DC-18-0003 Agriculture-Related Amendments, which pursued text amendments regarding agricultural uses and definitions.

Among these changes, clarifications and amendments to farm events, farm sales, and season-extending agricultural structures (SEAS) were included as a result of research and engagement with the agricultural community and the greater Boulder County community. After the adoption of these amendments, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) identified that additional research, outreach, and engagement was necessary to continue addressing the agricultural community’s needs, including for farmers that raise animals.

The proposed changes are intended to reduce the barriers farmers face in bringing these products to market by creating a provision in the Code which clearly permits this activity. Furthermore, this text amendment would separate less intensive animal processing operations from the existing larger-scale meat processing and butchering use in the Code.

View the proposed draft text amendment text.

Virtual Meeting With a Planner Sessions Available

Community members can sign-up to meet virtually with a planner in a for a one-on-one or small group session to learn more about the proposed changes. Virtual Meeting With a Planner times are available until September 18. Sign-up online at:

The planning team is actively looking to meet and greet farmers, ranchers and producers out in the field to better learn how this text amendment would benefit their operations and allow them to extend their participation in the local economy.

For more information, or to submit a comment on the proposed changes, please visit the DC-20-0002 Accessory Meat or Poultry Processing docket webpage.

For questions, or if you would like to host a farm visit, please email planner Alberto De Los Rios at or call 720-564-2623.

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