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October 1, 2019

Multicultural Awards Banquet college scholarships awarded

Nine Boulder County students honored

Boulder County, Colo. - The 31st Annual Multicultural Awards Banquet, which takes place Oct. 4 at the Jewish Community Center in Boulder, celebrates people of color who have made significant contributions to the community. One goal of the banquet, hosted by Boulder County Community Action Programs, is to provide scholarship monies for area multi-ethnic students with low-income to help make the goal of a college degree more attainable. Tuition costs continue to rise, and scholarship availability, especially at public institutions, can be very competitive.

This year, nine $1,000 scholarships were awarded to area students, who will be recognized at the banquet on Thursday. Their names, schools, majors, and a quote from each about what they are passionate about is found below.

Adela Aguirre, University of Colorado Boulder, Major: Psychology
“I’m most passionate about seeking a remedy for injustices and cultivating an environment for underrepresented youth to be capable of enduring new opportunities and building personal and civic success.”

Esmeralda Gandara-Lara, Front Range Community College, Major: Early Childhood education
“I have a passion for working with children. I love children. Children believe in me as much as I believe in them.”

Elbethel G. Hailu, University of Colorado Boulder, Major: Economics
“I am passionate about multicultural leadership and social justice issues in middle schools and high schools.”

Betsy M. Herrera, University of Colorado Boulder, Major: Integrative Physiology
“I am passionate about my journey to pursue higher education and going to nursing school. This is my ultimate dream and goal since elementary school.”

Gabriela Lopez, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Major: Social Work
“I am passionate about my community, education, and my culture.”

Rigpi Y. Satho, University of Colorado Boulder, Major: International Affairs and Chinese
“I had always thought of passion as something that had to adjust to what my future aspirations were. I always thought your dream came first and then you had to adjust your passion to cater to it. I realized that your aspirations should form through what you are passionate about. It took me 17 years to realize that my passion lied in helping other people.”

Alexis R. Sayles, University of Colorado Boulder, Major: Communications
“I am most passionate about taking care of our environment. I feel it is our duty as humans to do our part by taking care of it while we can.”

Abeal G. Sileshi, University of Colorado Boulder, Major: Economics and Computer Science
“I am passionate about my studies. I love learning about economics. Statistics, and computer science.”

Jason A. Trejo, Front Range Community College, Major: Criminal Justice
“I have a passion for learning. I enjoy working hard on my college courses and will graduate with my degree in Criminal Justice. I want to be a police officer that wants to learn how to help its community.”

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