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February 21, 2024

Motor Vehicle Self-Service Vehicle Registration Renewal Kiosk Moved from Clerk & Recorder Boulder office lobby to more accessible King Soopers location

Transaction fee now being waived for residents at all county kiosks

  • Self-service vehicle registration renewal kiosk moved from the Boulder office of the Clerk & Recorder to the Boulder King Soopers at 30th & Arapahoe
  • Boulder County is now absorbing the MV Express fee of $3.95 per transaction for all county residents at every kiosk location in the county.

Motor Vehicle Express Kiosk at the King Soopers i Boulder

Boulder County, Colo. – Last week, the Motor Vehicle Express Kiosk moved from the lobby of the Boulder County Clerk & Recorder’s office at 1750 33rd Street to the King Soopers at 30th & Arapahoe (about a block away). Unlike the Clerk & Recorder’s lobby location, which was only accessible during business hours, the new King Soopers location will be accessible to residents seven days a week whenever the store is open. The kiosk is located just inside the main entrance to the left.

For well over a year, we have been planning this move and working with our MV Express Kiosk vendor to get our Boulder machine relocated to a more accessible location,” states Payton Quistorff, Boulder County Clerk & Recorder Motor Vehicle Division Leader. “We know that if you need to get your registration renewed in a hurry, that not being able to get to the office during business hours was a challenge. And for Boulder residents, having to travel to where the other kiosks are in Longmont or Louisville at night or the weekends was a challenge too. So, this move was critical to making a needed public service more accessible. And additionally, Boulder County is now absorbing the MV Express fee of $3.95 per transaction for all county residents at every kiosk location in the county.”

Resembling an ATM machine, the bright yellow and blue self-serve kiosk is simple and fast to use. Using the touch screen, residents simply type in their license plate number and VIN number (or bring renewal postcard), follow the instructions on the screen, and renew their license plates. The kiosk collects all taxes and accepts checks (standard size only), credit, or debit cards. While Boulder County now absorbs the kiosk usage fee of $3.95 for county residents (fee is still applicable for non-residents), there is a $0.50 charge for checks or a 2.3% charge for credit/debit cards (similar to transaction fees for online renewal). When the kiosk transaction is complete, the machine dispenses a receipt along with the vehicle registration and plate tab/sticker on the spot. The entire transaction can be completed in less than two minutes. The kiosk can also issue replacement tabs and other additional motor vehicle services will soon be added.

In addition to the kiosk at King Soopers in Boulder, there are two other county locations: King Soopers in Longmont at the Horizon Park Center (2255 Main Street) and King Soopers in Louisville at S. Boulder Road and Courtesy Road (CO-42).

Kiosks can be used the month before your plates expire, the month your plates expire, or up to 12 months after your plates expire. Residents may also use the kiosk directly after getting an emissions test if their renewal required emissions testing (typically stated on the renewal postcard). Residents can also renew registration online at, by mail, or by 24-hour drop box (drop boxes at all three offices). Note that credit/debit card fees still apply to those by mail/drop box. If a resident needs to pay with cash, we recommend using our drop boxes or delivering the renewal paperwork in a sealed envelope directly to our office (there is typically a motor vehicle greeter at each office).

As of December 2022, appointments are required for all in-person Boulder County Motor Vehicle services, and all vehicle registration renewals must be completed out of office (by kiosk, mail or drop box, or online).

For more information on the Clerk & Recorder’s Motor Vehicle Division, visit or call 303-413-7710