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November 9, 2023

Marshall Fire recovery navigation services to end March 2024

Marshall Fire and Wind Event survivors find themselves in many different stages of recovery as they approach the two-year anniversary of the disaster. Some have returned to their homes, while others are just embarking on their recovery journey. Throughout the aftermath of this devastating event, Recovery Navigators have been a lifeline for more than a thousand survivors by guiding them through their recovery process.

The Navigating Disaster Program plans to conclude its in-person services in March 2024. Survivors just starting their recovery/rebuilding process or those who would like additional in-person one-on-one support are encouraged to reach out to the Navigating Disaster program prior to Dec. 1 to allow enough time to receive the recovery support needed.

While the in-person assistance provided by the dedicated Recovery Navigators will no longer be available after March 2024, survivors will continue to have access to resources and support through various agencies, organizations and Marshall ROC, the long-term recovery group for the Marshall Fire and Wind Event Disaster.

One pressing concern for many survivors is the expiration of Additional Living Expenses (ALE) payments. Recovery Navigators are ready to help survivors identify and navigate through the eligibility requirements of available funding, assist with applying for funds and completing the necessary paperwork.

Until its closure in March 2024, the Recovery Navigators will continue to offer the following services to all impacted survivors:

  • assistance with applications for rebuilding grant funds
  • assistance with applications for unmet needs and ALE grant funds
  • referrals for financial planning resources
  • advocacy and connections to state and federal programs (DOLA, SBA, FEMA)
  • connections with local jurisdiction building departments
  • access to additional resources from area nonprofits
  • planning for next steps and identifying resources
  • comprehensive recovery planning resources
  • referrals for mental health services

Contact the Recovery Navigation Program: