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January 29, 2019

Linlee Morrison of Longmont honored Jan. 28 at annual Youth Corps Awards Ceremony

Linlee Morrison of Longmont honored Jan. 28 at annual Youth Corps Awards Ceremony

2019 corps member and leader positions open Wednesday, Jan. 30.

Boulder County, Colo. - Linlee Morrison of Longmont was honored Monday, Jan. 28, in Denver at the annual Youth Corps Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the Colorado Youth Corps Association. The 18-year-old, who studies electrical engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, was celebrated for her outstanding contributions to conserving Colorado’s natural resources on behalf of the Boulder County Youth Corps.

Linlee started the 2018 summer season as a third-year corps member. Mid-season when it became necessary to replace an assistant team leader, Linlee was promoted. Linlee gladly accepted the challenging and unexpected promotion. Her new team leader commented that her maturity and even-keeled personality, combined with the work skills she had gained as a corps member from previous seasons, helped her be successful in providing leadership for her new team.

Linlee’s first order of business was getting to know her new teammates. Her team leader said that she immediately projected maturity and authority and that helped her to be successful in finding how she fit into the team dynamic. Linlee commented in her final evaluation that she learned how to delegate and that she became more assertive with guiding the corps members on her team as the season progressed.

Linlee’s team leader felt that she brought well-developed project management skills to her new position because of her strong background in robotics and her pre-engineering focus in high school. He said that Linlee was easy to work with and he appreciated how she was willing to step up when needed to help his team finish the season successfully.

Linlee recommends that if young people enjoy the outdoors, they should join the Boulder County Youth Corps. She said that it's a great job experience with good hours where people are valued and respected, and that as a corps member you get to have fun with other teenagers while making an actual difference in your local parks and open spaces.

Corps member and leader jobs opening Jan. 30
Corps member and leader positions open Wednesday, Jan. 30.

  • Corps members must be Boulder County residents between the ages of 14-17 as of the first day of work and they will start at $11.10/hour.
  • Assistant team leaders must be 18 or older and will start at $15.75/hour.
  • Team leaders must be 21 or older and will start at $17.75/hour.

Teams will work on a variety of community services projects including trail construction and maintenance, historic preservation, forest thinning, construction and repair of fencing, landscaping and removal of noxious weeds.

For more information and to apply, visit or contact Judy Wolfe, Program Manager, Boulder County Youth Corps, at 303-678-6104 or

Linlee with plants