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July 22, 2022

Homeless Solutions for Boulder County Seeks Landlords to Provide Housing Opportunities

Property owners and community members encouraged to help identify available rental units

Boulder County, Colo. – Homeless Solutions for Boulder County (HSBC) is seeking support from landlords and rental property owners in Boulder County to provide housing opportunities to individuals experiencing homelessness. Property owners who fill unit vacancies with participants in homelessness voucher programs may receive valuable incentives including a limited time Boulder Homeless Shelter cash bonus of $2,500. Property owners and community members are encouraged to help identify available rental units and to contact Homeless Solutions for Boulder County.

“I’ve rented to several shelter clients and their hard-working support staff have been great to work with. They do a good job of making sure their clients are ready for permanent housing and have the funds to pay for it, and they also support me as a landlord on the rare occasion when that is needed,” said Kel Darnell, Property Manager and President of Boulder Area Rental Housing Association.

HSBC’s evidence-based Housing First model prioritizes obtaining stable housing solutions as quickly as possible for individuals experiencing homelessness. The provision of Permanent Supportive Housing solutions provides housing support with ongoing intensive case management for individuals who have high incidents of mental illness, addictions, and/or physical disabilities. Most clients matched to a housing opportunity have a team of staff working to end their experience of homelessness through guaranteed income, supportive case management, and landlord relations.

Before HSBC was formed, the initial challenge was having available units but a lack of rental subsidies, coupled with supportive services needed to end the experiences of homelessness. Today, HSBC faces a different challenge. There is an abundance of rental and supportive services supports, but a lack of housing stock to receive the available vouchers/resources.

In Boulder County, people with rental assistance housing vouchers face challenges with housing searches, especially with competition for housing in an already tight housing market. However, data shows that once someone is housed, the individual is in a much better position to work on other life issues. “Boulder County saw the amazing community support for those who experienced homelessness and displacement from previous disasters and know the big hearts this community has. We are hoping there is continued support and commitment to helping house once again our most vulnerable community members,” said Heidi Grove, HSBC Systems Manager.

Rental property owners working with HSBC’s Permanent Supportive Housing program receive guaranteed rental payments, double deposits or bonus incentives, a dedicated Landlord Specialist to assist throughout the lease term, and up to $2,000 Landlord Assurance Fund.

For more information about participation criteria and to apply as a landlord, please contact Beverly Miller, Landlord Specialist with Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at 720-527-6004 or email