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April 17, 2023

High School student creates cookbook for survivors

Miranda Beasley, a senior at Silver Creek High School in Longmont, is working on her senior capstone project for the Silver Creek Leadership Academy. Her project, The Family Meal, is focused on helping those affected by the Marshall Fire.

"People who have lost their homes in large crises, like the Marshall Fire, often have their immediate needs replaced, from bedding to furniture to cleaning supplies," said Beasley. "Material heirlooms such as cookbooks containing treasured recipes or family photos are much harder to come by. I cannot replace individual books or photos, but I hope that I can lessen the severity of the impact and bring people who have been through so much some solace in the form of good food."

She has been working all year to compile a cookbook with recipes from family, friends, and the larger community. Learn more about her project and download the cookbook.