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August 7, 2023

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Grassland Management in Boulder County Story Map Now Available

Interactive Story Map Will Assist the Public, Local Governments and Agencies With Grassland Management Across the County

Boulder County, Colo. - The Boulder County Fireshed’s Grasslands Working Group recently released a story map report titled "Grassland Management in Boulder County: Challenges and Opportunities Following the Marshall Fire."

The  Boulder County Fireshed  includes government land managers, scientists, fire districts, non-profit organizations, and local leaders working to reduce wildfire risk to communities in Boulder County. The Grasslands Working Group was formed by the Fireshed in response to the Marshall Fire so that a specific focus could be given to grassland wildfire mitigation information, communication, and collaboration efforts.

“Boulder County citizens are asking for information and action. The county joined with our land management partners and fire departments to compile a comprehensive informative story map for the public. Our goal is to help the public understand what land managers are doing to manage grasslands and where private landowners can find resources, provide input, and take action on their own land. We want to find common ground and work more effectively together to help mitigate the wildfire threat across the 350+ miles of county grassland boundaries that we share with neighbors,” said Therese Glowacki, Boulder County Parks & Open Space Director.

We are really pleased to participate in the Fireshed and the Grasslands Working Group. It’s a collaborative group with a simple agenda that recognizes that we can accomplish more together than we can apart. The grasslands information jointly developed so far is helping us already improve our communications with our citizens and better assess actions we can take on the ground,” said Matt Magley, Superior Town Manager.

The Story Map contains the following major sections:

  • Long-term management actions being taken in Boulder County
  • Brief context on wildfire and grasslands in Boulder County
  • Expectations for management outcomes
  • Actions that residents can take to reduce wildfire risk and negative outcomes on their property
  • Common management practices and their benefits/drawbacks and other factors that affect fire behavior in the grasslands

“Fire professionals along with land managers and other experts are at the table, working together to better understand fire in the grasslands. We are working closely with our leaders and communities to actively implement effective mitigation strategies and we are learning what works best from each other," said John Willson, Chief Louisville Fire Chief

“We are pleased to share the City's experience with the Grassland Workgroup, learn from our neighbors, and contribute to this excellent report,” said Dan Burke, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Director.

Funding was provided to The Watershed Center for development of the report by Boulder County Parks & Open Space, City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks, City of Longmont, Colorado Water Conservation Board, Keep it Clean Partnership, Mile High Flood District, and the St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District. The Boulder County Fireshed greatly appreciates the effort of The Watershed Center Ecologist Matthew Bitters for his effort to craft the report with the input of the Working Group.

For more information, contact Meg Halford, Wildfire Team Forest and Grasslands Project Coordinator, at or 720-388-0264. View more information on the Marshall Fire recovery or the Boulder County Fireshed.

Grassland Story Map image of a grassland field next to a riparian wooded area by the foothills