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April 26, 2019

Fourmile Canyon Flood Recovery Project Update – Work expected throughout the canyon

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Hello -

Lawrence plans on starting to install some of the minor culverts under the road starting next week in the stretch between Logan Mill and Salina (north section), so expect short delays on that end of the project in addition to the lower (south) section.

Delays from Salina to CO 119 are not to exceed 15-minutes total. I know there have been a few instances when they have been longer and I apologize. We have reiterated how important it is that delays remain below 15-minutes total, especially with the work taking place in Boulder Canyon.

If weather holds next week, they'll be able to open up the wall site just below the Poorman Fire Station and return the road to two lanes with no traffic signal. Unfortunately, it looks like rain and snow may push this effort back a week.

Once one of the lower section (south) signal is removed and the road is reopened to two lanes, the signal will move to the north section so they can start on one of the seven walls that need to be built in that stretch of roadway. The first wall Lawrence will build is located just down from Salina Junction.

Lawrence remains positive that all work on the road in the south section will be complete and they will be able to complete final paving of that stretch in June. They also remain confident that they'll be able to complete the entire project by the end of October 2019.

Upper Fourmile Canyon (Salina to Sunset)

Our contractor (CEI) will return the gravel portion of upper Fourmile Canyon Drive in early May to resurface the roadway. They were hoping to come in next week, but weather looks to be unfavorable for the work they need to perform.

When they do get started, expect heavy truck traffic up and down Fourmile Canyon Drive making material deliveries and large equipment in the road, which will mean delays of up-to 15 minutes between Wall Street and Sunset.

There is also one large culvert to finish around 9000 Fourmile Canyon Drive, but that work has not been scheduled yet. After the road is resurfaced and the culvert is installed, this project will be complete. There will still be some landscaping work to do, but this work will be minor compared to the road and culvert efforts and should not require any travel delays.

Gold Run Road

SEMA will return to this section of the canyon the week of May 6 to work on the last remaining retaining wall and complete their punch-list items, which includes landscaping. The wall work, which will take place in front of 1158 Gold Run Road, will last through June, but should not require any major delays.

As you can see, there's still a lot of work taking place in Fourmile, so everyone needs to be extra vigilant when traveling through trough the entire area. Daytime, weekday cycling restrictions remain in place and will likely be enforced through the summer. As a reminder, cyclists are required to stop for flaggers and traffic signals. The last thing we want is to have someone get injured or worse during the last phases of the flood recovery effort.

Thank you. Have a good weekend.



Andrew Barth
Boulder County Transportation