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June 5, 2020

Fourmile Canyon Flood Recovery Project Update – June 5

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As you may have seen, paving did not go as well as planned this week. The southern section, below Poorman, was completed, but the north section, above Logan Mill, did not get as far as they had liked. The delays are due to a problem with the subsurface, which has been found to be extremely soft in multiple sections of the downhill lane caused by water seeping up from below. This requires extensive regrading and compaction or the asphalt on the surface will crumble under the weight of cars driving over it. If you drive the canyon, you'll see markings on the pavement that was laid where the asphalt is already cracking (photo below). Cracked asphalt will be removed and the road will be repaved. Lawrence has been working on the ground today and will will continue to work on the subsurface next week to get it suitable for paving. They're working on rescheduling the paving subcontractor now. I'll let you know when they plan on returning as soon as we know. As of today, there will be no paving in the canyon next week.

Fourmile pavement cracking

Photo of cracking asphalt

Next week, in addition to grading and compaction of the north section, crews will be working on cutting ditches and finishing the gravel portion of the road shoulder throughout the canyon. A guardrail crew will also be on site starting Monday. This work will continue for the next two weeks. Expect travel delays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We're still shooting for a July 3 completion date, even with the paving problems we have encountered.

There will be no work in the canyon this weekend.

Have a good day.

Andrew Barth
Boulder County Public Works