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January 23, 2019

Fourmile Canyon Flood Recovery Project – Traffic signal adjustments; Parking along Logan Mill

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We have added some hardware to our traffic signals to help shorten wait times for residents and improve emergency response times. New optical sensors have been installed on the signals that will detect an approaching vehicle and trigger a green light as long as another vehicle is not currently passing through the work zone. We're working on dialing-in this technology, so there may be a bit of an adjustment period before it is operating as it should. This hardware will reduce your wait, but it is important that you do not run a red light as this will essentially reset the system and cause even longer waits while the system normalizes again.

In addition to the optical sensors, siren-detecting sensors are being installed that will listen for the sirens of approaching emergency responders and trigger a green light in the direction they are heading as soon as possible (vehicles already in the zone must clear before a green light is given). This function should improve response times, but it will mean that emergency sirens will need to be used more often than they normally would be.

Parking on Logan Mill Road

Before the new bridge was built, some residents of Logan Mill Road were forced to park their vehicles along Fourmile Canyon Drive during snowy/icy weather because they could not safely navigate the slope up/down Logan Mill Road. The new bridge required that we eliminate the historical parking area along Fourmile Canyon Drive. Now that the bridge has been completed, we are working to provide a new area where residents can safely leave their vehicles when inclement weather arrives. The design (linked below) shows the temporary solution that will be used while Lawrence Construction, who is completing the work on Fourmile Canyon Drive, uses the area for their construction trailer. We are hopeful the construction trailer will be relocated either later this week or early next. We'll be able to create the parking spaces as soon as the trailer is in place.

After the construction trailer is removed at the end of the lower Fourmile project, we will delineate a parking area in the same location as the temporary spot to provide ongoing haven for vehicles that cannot safely make the trip up and down Logan Mill Road during bad weather.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Andrew Barth
Boulder County Transportation