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January 11, 2019

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New General Floodplain Development Permit (FDP) 2019-1 available for review and comment

The Boulder County Engineer has authority to issue a General Floodplain Development Permit (FDP) under article 4-404.1 of the Boulder County Land Use Code.

General FDPs cover project types and uses in the Floodplain Overlay (FO) District that have been determined by the County Engineer to meet the standards set forth in Section 4-404.1(B) of the Boulder County Land Use Code, which, among other criteria, includes those project types and uses that have been determined to have minimal or no impact on flood hazards.

The General FDP allows certain projects and uses to take place without the need for an Individual Floodplain Development Permit. Some projects permitted by the General FDP still require notification of the County Engineer.

General FDP 2019-1 covers deconstruction of buildings and other structures in the FO District as well as the relocation of a structure from within the FO District to outside the FO District. General FDP 2019-1 does not absolve the property owner from obtaining other required permits, such as a Building Permit. All projects covered under General FDP 2019.1 must adhere to the conditions listed in Section 4 of the permit.

A two-week comment period will begin on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019. General FDP 201901 will go into effect at the close of business on Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, pending review of submitted comments. You can review the document:

  • Online
  • In person - Boulder County Transportation, 2525 13th St. Boulder, CO 80304

Please submit any questions or comments on General FDP 2019-1 to floodplain specialist Harry Katz via email to or by calling 720-564-2865. You may also send written comment to:

Boulder County Transportation
c/o Harry Katz
P.O. Box 471
Boulder, CO 80306

More information on Floodplain Development Permits can be found on the county's website.