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October 20, 2021

County Commissioners take positions on statewide 2021 ballot measures

Descriptions of the local and state measures as well as additional commissioners' comments are provided in a memo approved today at a BOCC business meeting.

From the Board of County Commissioners

Based on input from our policy team -- in addition to our own deliberations on each of the ballot issues considered -- we have taken positions on three statewide ballot measures that county voters will see on the ballot during the 2020 election cycle.

Our positions on the ballot issues reflect the public policy goals and priorities identified to us as important to the residents of Boulder County.

The Boulder county commissioners urge you to vote NO in the three state proposals on this year’s ballot. They are a step backwards in Colorado’s pursuit of an equitable, transparent, and sustainable fiscal future for our state government. Should they pass, these measures will impact our community’s ability to deliver the services our residents need and rely on. We ask Boulder County voters to reject these measures and vote NO on Amendment 78, Proposition 119, and Proposition 120.

--Matt Jones, Chair, Board of County Commissioners

State Measures