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November 8, 2023

Community Foundation Boulder County Launches Housing Support Program for Marshall Fire Survivors

Community Foundation Boulder County News Release:

The community foundation offers up to $5 million in housing support for households
experiencing financial hardship

Community Foundation Boulder County announces the creation of a Housing Support Program, continuing its commitment to meeting the ongoing and evolving needs of those affected by the Marshall Fire. The Housing Support Program will offer up to $5 million in support for qualifying households that are currently or will soon experience financial hardship due to the sunsetting of Additional Living Expense (ALE) insurance. Two years after the Marshall Fire damaged or destroyed over one thousand homes in Boulder County, many of those still in recovery are finding their ALE is set to end in December 2023. The Housing Support Program is supported by the community foundation’s Boulder County Wildfire Fund.

Reina Pomeroy, fire survivor, a leader of Marshall Together and a member of Community Foundation Boulder County’s Wildfire Fund advisory committee says, “As the two-year anniversary of the fire approaches, there are several pressing priorities on our community—one of which is housing. The community foundation has continued to listen to the needs of our community in creating the Housing Support Program for those who need assistance.”

Tatiana Hernandez, CEO of Community Foundation Boulder County acknowledges the ongoing needs
households are facing just two years after the Marshall Fire. “The sunsetting of Additional Living Expense coverage will leave many households financially burdened,” says Hernandez. “We know people need more time, more resources, and more support, and we’re committed to addressing these needs.”

Eligible households may be offered up to $2,500 per month for up to six months, or until receiving their Certificate of Occupancy, whichever comes first. Recipients will be allotted no more than two three-month extensions, depending on the availability of funding.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible: be displaced residents of a total or
partial loss home (e.g. smoke damage included), earn at or below 150% of Area Median Income (AMI), be
experiencing financial hardship due to ALE expiration after having both applied and been denied an
extension, have requested a hardship review from the mortgage servicer of fire-affected property (if
applicable), and have a contract between parties (landlord/tenant).

Households do not have to be in the rebuilding process to be eligible, and both homeowners and renters
are eligible to receive support. Additionally, households already receiving assistance through
Community Foundation Boulder County’s Unmet Needs Fund are eligible for continued support through this

Any affected households experiencing financial hardship with non-housing related expenses can still
apply for support through the Unmet Needs Fund of the community foundation.

Applications for the Housing Support Program will open on Friday, November 10. To apply, visit

The program will be administered by Impact Development Fund. If you have any application questions, please email or call 970-494-2021 ext. 229.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Displaced resident of a total or partial loss home (e.g., smoke damage included)
  • At or below 150% Area Median Income
  • ALE expired and extension denied
  • Applicant has requested hardship review from the mortgage servicer of fire-affected
    property (if applicable)
  • Contract between parties (landlord/tenant); informal living arrangements need to be
    documented and counter signed.

Program offering:

  • Up to $2,500 per month
  • Up to 6 months or Certificate of Occupancy (whichever comes first) with no more than two
    (2) three- (3) month extensions (dependent on availability of funding)

About the Boulder County Wildfire Fund

Established on December 30, 2021, the Boulder County Wildfire Fund raised over $43 million from over
82,000 donations. With nearly all of the Fund allocated, over $27 million has been distributed to
support a variety of needs including over $10 million in rebuilding support and over $7 million in
immediate direct financial assistance. Additionally, over $1 million has been granted to organizations
to support the community’s mental health needs.

About Community Foundation Boulder County

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collaborates to ensure everyone in Boulder County experiences a life of opportunity and fulfillment.

Community Foundation Boulder County nurtures and activates the ideas, generosity, and leadership of the
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Since 1991, Community Foundation Boulder County has addressed the evolving and growing needs of the
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