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July 14, 2022

CO 119 Commuter Bikeway and Safety & Mobility Improvements Project update

CDOT, RTD and Boulder County are taking comments and feedback through July 18.

Boulder County, Colo. - Thank you for your interest in the CO 119 Diagonal Highway Transportation Projects. CDOT, RTD and Boulder County are currently taking comments and feedback on preliminary design through July 18.

Your comments and feedback will help us improve the operations and safety of the corridor and enhance multimodal connectivity including bus rapid transit. Now – during the preliminary design phase – is the most important time to submit your comments. After this phase we will start on the final design.

Submit your comments by July 18.

CO 119 Commuter Bikeway and Safety and Mobility Project Community Meeting

A CO 119 Commuter Bikeway Design and Safety & Mobility Project Community Meeting was held on June 27, 2022. View the video recording of the meeting or the presentation sides.

CO 119 Commuter Bikeway Design Project

The CO 119 Commuter Bikeway, a project led by Boulder County, will create a safe, direct, and accessible separated hard surface bike path between Boulder and Longmont. The bikeway will provide seamless connections to transit (BOLT and future BRT) and connections to bike networks serving downtown Boulder, the University of Colorado at Boulder campus, South Boulder, and downtown Longmont.

View a Google Earth flyover video for a complete view of the bikeway alignment including how the bikeway will connect to bus station areas and adjacent roadways.

CO 119 Safety & Mobility Improvements Project

The goal of the CO 119 Safety and Mobility Improvements Project, a joint effort between CDOT and RTD, is to develop improvements that make traveling through the corridor safer for all modes and transit travel faster and more reliable. Project improvements include queue bypass lanes, BRT stations, and Park-n-Rides, which will support future BRT service on the corridor. The project proposes roadway improvements, including physically reconfiguring the CO 52 intersection to accommodate the bikeway and new BRT stations between the northbound and southbound roadways. Planned changes to access at Airport Road and CO 119 will reduce crashes, improve safety and boost traffic flow. Adaptive Signal Control technology will continually optimize signal timing to accommodate changing traffic patterns, ease traffic congestion and improve pedestrian crossings.

We look forward to reading your feedback and comments that will help us design a better and safer CO 119 corridor. For more information, contact Alexandra Phillips.

CO 119 Google Earth flyover image