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November 13, 2020

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Celebrate Ruby Bridges Walk To School Day on Nov. 18

Help Boulder County celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Ruby Bridges’ brave act

Boulder County, Colo. - Help Boulder County celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Ruby Bridges’ brave act that helped end racial segregation in public schools. Learn more about her story, take a safe walk with your class or family, and sign a group card to Ms. Ruby Bridges herself.

Ruby Bridges was the first African American child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana in 1960.

Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day (RBWTSD) is the perfect opportunity to teach children about the civil rights movement and make connections to today's collective efforts for change. RBWTSD gives children the opportunity to celebrate and learn about Ruby's courage.

Boulder County’s Youth Transportation Program is sponsoring the event in Boulder County, in partnership with San Mateo County, California students who founded this special day in 2018 after learning about Ruby’s bravery 60 years ago at the age of 6.

Join Boulder County in observing Ruby Bridges Walk To School Day by:

Learning Ruby’s story:

Taking a safe walk, following COVID-19 guidelines:

  • Talk a walk regardless if your school learning is happening at home, school, or elsewhere.
  • Talk while you walk: Ask yourselves what is good about walking to school and what is good about having people of all races in school together.
  • Use sidewalk chalk on your sidewalk to help educate others about RBWTSD and to leave other positive messages – take a picture if you do! You can share it with us and Ruby in her card.

Sign a group thank you card to Ruby Bridges:

Local schools, teachers, and families may use free resources in your classrooms or homes, which can be found on the Ruby Bridges Walk To School Day websites. If you choose to participate, please share how you decided to do so at

“I can’t wait to see what messages our community, especially our youth, provide Ruby in the group card," said Cammie Piller Edson, Boulder County’s Youth Transportation Program Manager. "I'm excited to hear about our local youth reacting to learning how big of an impact Ruby’s bravery had on our country 60 years ago. Young people do amazing things all of the time and do not get enough credit for their impact."

"If there are any young people or members of their families that have ideas and/or want to get involved locally in transportation related efforts, please reach out. We would love to connect with you to impact our community for the better. Stay safe and enjoy learning more about the impact Ruby Bridges gave all future generations!"

Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day is celebrated each year on November 14. Since that date falls on a Saturday in 2020, this year’s event will be observed on Wednesday, November 18.

For more information, contact Cammie Piller Edson at

Ruby Bridges in 1960

Ruby Bridges in 1960.