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November 10, 2022

Boulder County voters approve wildfire mitigation, emergency services, and transportation ballot measures

Boulder County Commissioners express thanks to residents for their support

Boulder County, Colo. -- Boulder County voters have overwhelmingly approved the wildfire mitigation, emergency services, and transportation ballot measures introduced by the Boulder County Commissioners, according to the unofficial results available from the Boulder County Clerk & Recorder*. Each of the three measures has so far received an overwhelming majority of the vote in support.

Following a public opinion survey, a public comment period, and public hearings, the commissioners voted unanimously in August to put the three ballot measures to voters.

“Thank you to everyone in Boulder County who volunteered their time and energy to support the election process, overseeing sites and responding to voter questions, as well as those who exercised their democratic rights and voted,” said Board of County Commissioners Chair Marta Loachamin. “Elections are vital to the health of our democracy. The Board of County Commissioners appreciates all of the support we’ve received for the county’s three ballot measures, and we look forward to working with a variety of agencies and partners to implement the important work towards wildfire mitigation, search and rescue, and transportation that will now have a funding source.”

“We are grateful that the voters recognized the value of the transportation improvements and services provided by Boulder County and extended the transportation sales tax by a decisive margin,” said Board of County Commissioners Vice-Chair Claire Levy. “This measure was supported by organizations that serve people with disabilities, lower-income residents, and cyclists along with the Boulder Chamber of Commerce and environmental organizations. Clearly transportation services are integral to quality of life, the economy, and the environment in Boulder County, and I am excited to see the fruits of this measure come to life.

“The overwhelming success of the Wildfire Mitigation Ballot Measure reflects the fact that safer communities, healthier forests, and climate resilience are priorities for county residents,” said Commissioner Matt Jones. “We look forward to proactively working in eastern Boulder County to help make our communities more resistant to wildfire and prepare for climate-driven disasters in the same way that we’ve prepared our mountain communities. Wildfire mitigation will help protect our forests and, in turn, protect precious resources like drinking water and wildlife.”

Boulder County staff will work with stakeholders and partners to design and implement the programs and activities outlined in the ballot language.

The wildfire mitigation and emergency services sales and use taxes approved by the measures go into effect on January 1, 2023. The transportation tax extension goes into effect on July 1, 2024.

*Ballot processing is ongoing. Visit the Boulder County Clerk & Recorder’s Ballot Processing Election Night & Beyond website to learn more about the post-election ballot processing activities and public events, such as the risk-limiting audit and certification.

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