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September 28, 2020

Boulder County Public Health updates Gathering Order to address personal safety concerns of 18-22 year-old residents

Boulder County Public Health updates Gathering Order to address personal safety concerns of 18-22 year-old residents

Boulder County, CO – In response to feedback from the community, Boulder County Public Health has amended Public Health Order 2020-07 to include provisions to ensure young adults feel safe in the community and can attend to the legally required activities, such as jury summons.

The revisions to the Order include:

  • Changes prohibition of gatherings to more than 2 people rather than the original one person. Revised language: “Gatherings of more than two persons within the city of Boulder that include any person or persons between the ages of 18 and 22 years are prohibited. Two persons gathered together must follow all public health laws and orders concerning Face Coverings and must comply with Social Distancing Requirements whenever possible.”
  • Allows residents of designated Stay-at-Home properties to leave the property for purposes as required by law. Revised language: “Stay-at-Home Residents are prohibited from leaving their Subject Property except for Essential Activities and Essential Travel or as required by law. This will allow students to leave their residence to move their car to avoid parking tickets, for example.
  • Permits participation in programs that serve adults with disabilities and any activity required by law. Revised language: “A Gathering does not include: 1) employees of any business, government, nonprofit, or not-for-profit entity while performing work for such entity; 2) activities undertaken pursuant to jury summons, lawful subpoena, or order of a court; 3) any educational activity explicitly permitted by CU, Naropa University, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Boulder Massage Therapy Institute, Thai Healing Art Institute, Montessori Education Center of the Rockies, Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, and any other education institution in the city of Boulder as approved by BCPH; 4) any life rites, such as wedding ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, funerals, other religious rites, and worship services, as authorized by and conducted in strict compliance with CDPHE Public Health Order 20-35; 5) participation in programs that serve adults with disabilities; or 6) participation in any activity required by law.”

CU Boulder students who are concerned about walking alone on campus can call the CU Police Department (CUPD) at 303-492-6666. If an officer is available, they will walk the student to their campus destination. Students are also encouraged to download the Guardian app, which is free for CU Boulder students and allows them to set friends and family as guardians who can watch them virtually as they walk.

In addition, an exemption process has been created for those living in properties under the Stay at Home portion of the Order if the requirements are causing financial hardship. To stop transmission of the virus, this exemption is only available to those who are less likely to be contagious.

The application requires that students demonstrate ongoing food or housing insecurity, in consideration of available support services, and that they have a job, have had a positive COVID test result in the past 90 days, and have isolated properly. Designation as an “essential worker” is not sufficient reason to be granted an exemption, nor is a negative test for the COVID-19 virus. Students may contact the Boulder County Public Health call center 720-776-0822 if they have questions about the exemption.

For detailed information, review the full Order or visit at Residents may also contact the Public Health call center at 720-776-0822

Anyone who feels they need mental health support can contact Colorado Crisis Services any time, day or night, by calling 1-844-493-8255 or Texting “TALK” to 38255. CU Boulder students can also check mental health resources available at