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January 22, 2019

Boulder County Commissioners urge an end to federal shutdown

A protracted shutdown threatens programs that feed children and the elderly, impacts road construction and forestry projects, and delays disaster prevention and recovery planning

(Boulder County, Colo.) -- The Board of County Commissioners today sent a letter to the four Congressional members who represent Boulder County asking them to work with their colleagues to end the partial shutdown of the federal government as quickly as possible.

The letter lays out the increasingly harmful impacts that the prolonged shutdown is having to the most vulnerable members of our community and to the many federal employees and contractors who reside here.

We ask that you work to quickly bring this shutdown to an end and remove the uncertainty and disruption that this situation has created for so many of our residents.

- Board of County Commissioners, Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019

Resource: Letters sent to Boulder County's Congressional delegation:

  • Senator Michael Bennet
  • Senator Cory Gardner
  • Representative Joe Neguse (CD-2)
  • Representative Ken Buck (CD-4)

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A network of twenty community partner organizations is vowing to support the thousands of households who have been or will be affected by the partial federal government shutdown.

Boulder County Family Resource Network Regional Council partners, including community non-profits, school districts, and county and city governments have submitted an open letter to the community offering financial, food, housing, and employment resources and assistance, among many other services. Read more...

family of two adults and two children

An example of a Boulder County family who faces impacts from the partial federal government shutdown