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April 30, 2019

Boulder County Commissioners Proclaim May “Go Solar Now!” Month

With year-end reductions in the federal tax benefit approaching, there’s no better time than NOW to install solar!

Collage of three photos showing solar panel installation on a residential home

Bonus solar rebates available during the month of May

Investing in solar energy is one of the best ways for businesses and residential property owners to address the impacts of climate change while securing a long-term, locally generated renewable energy source for their home or business.

Plus, with year-end reductions in the federal tax benefit approaching, there’s no better time than NOW to install solar!

Colorado’s residents, businesses, research institutions, and state and local governments have long been leaders in tackling how to address adverse, human-induced changes to the planet. Across the state, individuals and organizations have pledged a range of measures to reduce their community’s contribution to climate change -- from setting 100% renewable energy use goals and committing to specific reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to developing new technologies and programs to meet these pledges. Installing solar is a great way for individual and businesses to make a real contribution to a clean energy future.

“Now, more than ever, action at the local level is imperative for transitioning to a clean energy future,” said Boulder County Sustainability Coordinator Susie Strife. “We are already seeing the impacts of climate change across Colorado, including in our own community, so we’re looking for every opportunity to promote greater use of renewable energy in Boulder County."

By establishing May as Go Solar Now! Month, the Boulder County Commissioners are encouraging residents and businesses to invest locally in solar energy before 2020 when the Federal Investment Tax Credit for renewable energy projects is slated to step down from 30% to 26%.

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan and price a renewable energy system designed especially for your home or business. We can help!

To find out how Boulder County’s EnergySmart program can make going solar and saving energy easier or to take advantage of bonus solar rebates during the month of May, go to or call 303-544-1000. You’ll also learn about electric vehicle deals for county residents on the EnergySmart website.

A copy of the written proclamation declaring May 2019 Go Solar Now! Month

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