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January 13, 2023

Boulder County Begins Disbursement of Opioid Abatement Funds

Leadership council approves 25 local programs for initial funding

Boulder County, Colo.-The Boulder County Region Opioid Council (BCROC) met on December 13, 2022, to approve a set of initial recommendations for funds headed to the region from national settlements with opioid manufacturers and distributors. The Boulder County region will receive $1.8 million in the first year of what will be an 18-year distribution timeline for opioid abatement funds.

The BCROC is a committee of county, municipal and elected leaders across the region who are charged with investing and monitoring the use of settlement dollars to effectively combat damages caused to the region from the opioid epidemic. The BCROC began meeting in October to review the process whereby an advisory committee comprised of subject matter experts, professionals, and individuals with life experiences, developed a set of recommendations for the first two-year cycle of settlement dollars. This Opioid Operations Group put forward 25 initial programs that have been approved to receive opioid abatement funds, reflecting the Colorado Attorney General’s funding categories of Harm Reduction, Prevention and Education, Criminal Justice, Treatment, and Recovery.

Treatment Programs:

  • Jail Medication Assisted Treatment Program (Boulder County Sherriff’s Office)
  • Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program/Medicated Assisted Treatment Support (BC Community Justices Service)
  • REWiND - Rebuilding Expectations and Walking in New Directions (City of Longmont)
  • LEAD - Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Program (Longmont)
  • Jail Opioid Case Manager (Boulder County Jail)
  • RestART Studio (City of Longmont)
  • Community Health Worker (Mental Health Partners)
  • LEAF Mental Wellness & Addiction Recovery (LEAF, Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund)
  • Pride in Recovery (Out Boulder County)
  • Adventure Recovery (nonprofit)
  • AccuDetox/ AcuWellness (Natural Highs)
  • Medication Assisted Treatment Expansion Project (Mental Health Partners)

Prevention Programs:

  • Youth in Recovery (nonprofit)
  • Parenting Support (City of Longmont)
  • Substance Use Advisory Group (Boulder County Community Services)
  • Public Service Announcement and Awareness Building campaigns (Boulder County Public Health)
  • Harm Reduction Coordinator (Boulder County Public Health)
  • Community Narcan Web (Boulder County Public Health)
  • Harm Reduction Staff at Crisis Center (Boulder County Public Health)
  • Overdose Prevention Vending Machines (Boulder County Public Health)
  • Harm Reduction Supplies and Servicing (Boulder County Public Health)

Additional Areas:

  • Investigation Equipment: Cellebrite Premium (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Investigation Equipment: TruNarc (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Investigation Equipment: Graykey (Boulder County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Community Health Worker Training (Mental Health Partners)

In the coming months, Boulder County Community Services Department staff along with the Opioid Operations Group will seek to develop a broader strategy that sets future funding priorities. This will provide opportunities to invest in additional programs that reflect increased input from community members, subject matter experts, and other community stakeholders. For ongoing updates on opioid abatement funds, including links to participate in public meetings of the BCROC, visit the Boulder County Regional Opioids Council webpage.

Please email Kelly Veit at, Behavioral Health Hub Program Manager, Boulder County Community Services Department, with questions and suggestions.